Sunday, November 14, 2010

Early Sunday Morning

It's quiet here. Everyone is still in bed, asleep. At 5:oo, I woke up feeling fresh and ready to go. It's like clockwork for me. Sometimes I wish I could just sleep in, but it's almost impossible for me. I do like, and need this quiet time alone. I love the stillness. I creep down the stairs and relish in the stillness. Finding some alone time is difficult in a large family like mine

Feeling thirsty, I walked into the kitchen and drank a tall glass of lukewarm water with lemon. I'm usually so thirsty, and I know that adding the lemon gets right to my liver to help clean things up. I thought that an apple pie for dinner might be nice. A special treat for my family. Isaac has been asking me often when I would make an apple pie. I knew that with church and visits in the afternoon, I wouldn't have time to fit that in. I sat down on the bar and peeled apples. Alone with my thoughts and those apples.

I like to read in the morning. Scripture, the newspaper, blogs, email, Facebook. I also got out my notebook and the dictionary and started thinking of my "N" list for today. It seems like doing this exercise everyday is keeping me more mindful and aware of all the things in my life that bring me joy. A grateful heart.

I've been thinking of other things, too. I've been thinking and wishing for peace and hope. Peace amid conflict, struggle, problems, life's busy-ness.

I've been thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Thinking that I don't see the need to buy more stuff. More stuff that no one needs. I'm just tired of all the stuff. Wanting to give meaningful gifts, memories, or experiences instead. How can I make that happen? How can I do all that I do and have done without becoming exhausted and resentful. Wanting and wishing for meaning and peace during this often stressful season. Hoping for quiet, simplicity.

I've been thinking of school lunches. Wanting to feed and nourish my children better for this meal. I'm gathering my thoughts and will post my plan soon. Also, now that detox is done (I felt body aches and "ugh" for most of the week, I think from the daily quart of green smoothies), I feel so much better and awake and energized. I know this will be so good for me. I'm committed to this new habit.

Been thinking this weekend of all the things I wanted to get done. Wanting to make some cookies. A batch of granola. Wanting to clean out my closet that is driving me crazy. Saturdays, really, seem like the only time to do these types of projects. Instead, I filled it with morning yoga, shopping for food and other needful items, a church training meeting, today's Sunday School lesson preparation.

I was glad for Friday night. I had to take Eliza to a party in Provo and thought that it would be best if I hung out around town instead of having to go back home and go get her again. No one wanted to come, so I went alone. That was nice, actually. I meandered in the library. Checked out Jude the Obscure for me and a few chapter books at Eliza's request. I killed time at the health food store and treated myself to dinner, as well. I was so hungry. I sat in the car and read and thought. When we got home a little after seven, Keith asked if we could go out. Even though I was a little tired and kind of wanted to stay home, I knew this might be our only chance to have this time. Just a simple jaunt to the bookstore with a 25% off coupon that went towards Mad Gab (the game) for Christmas for the family.

Now, you know what's on my mind this Sunday morning.

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