Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting Back On the Bandwagon, and It Feels So Good

A quiet Sunday evening at home. Jane made some rice pudding. That was nice. Somehow, we all seemed to gravitate up to our bedroom. The kids seem more talkative when we are hanging out in this room together; some lying on the bed, some lying on the floor. Keith and Isaac were playing a game of Sorry.

It made me so happy to have such a nice, peaceful feeling in our home last night. I've been really concerned with the tension, arguing, and negativity that has been going on a lot lately. Just having that one hour like that was such a breath of fresh air and I know, an answer to my prayers.

While on our date on Friday night at Barnes and Noble (the usual place to hang out after dinner), I picked up this book that I've been wanting for a while now. I've been looking lately at the GreenSmoothieGirl website and getting motivated to get back on the green smoothie bandwagon. I was pretty consistent with making these nutrient bombshells part of my life, but lately, I guess I've been lazy. From making these from scratch, then going down a notch with buying freeze dried powder to mix in water, to finally picking up a Green Machine Naked drink every once in a while.

I've felt the need to get back on track and knew it was the time. I need to get out of the sugar habit. I need more energy. I need more minerals. I want to eat more whole, power packed greens and I know that blending them up and drinking a quart a day first thing is the easiest way to make this all possible. Saturday's shopping trip ensured a fridge packed with chards, kale, spinach, vegetable protein powder, and lots of frozen and fresh fruits. I was ready to go.

Anyway, last night I pulled out the book and started reading aloud to everyone all the good things about these drinks. Everyone's ears pricked up, especially, when I read the "testimonials" and experiences of how drinking green smoothies improved so many people's lives and the dramatic changes each person experienced. Sam is the pickiest eater in the house. He lives on white rice and corn chips. He's really trying hard to make the school basketball team. He's been working and getting in shape since the summer. He meekly said, "Mom, do you think that this would help me get stronger?" My jaw dropped. "Sam, I'll give you a dollar if you take a big, and I mean big swig of my drink that's in the fridge." Well, he gave it a go. You should have seen the look on his face before. Then his reaction after: "Gee. It's really not that bad." Hallelujah! I've got him hooked, I think, as well as Jane and Keith. They all committed to join me every morning on our green smoothie habit.(Now I just need to work on the others!)

Each of the kids asked for a turn to get a relaxing essential oil massage on the floor. (I think doing this most nights with each of the children is adding to the feeling of harmony and warm feelings between me and the kids.) Then Isaac asked if he and I, with everyone watching, could do some yoga together. That was fun. I think that Isaac is sensing from me the peace and enjoyment I've felt and he is also wanting this for himself.
Later, we headed down to the kitchen and I whipped up a blender full for Keith and Jane's breakfast for this morning and a water bottle full (at Sam's request) to take school. Basketball tryouts begin today. He's excited and willing to try anything that will help him. Hooray! (and hooray that basketball is the motivator.)
This morning, everyone agreed at how good they really are. I feel so much better knowing that we are getting the nutrition (and more) that our body's need and crave. I can already tell how much "cleaner" I feel since I've been drinking a quart a day since Saturday.
After everyone left, Isaac again asked if we could do yoga together. He told me that "it just makes me feel really good." He's feeling in tune with his body. He's liking the quiet. He's aware of his breath. He likes to feel his muscles gently stretching. He likes to practice his balance.

I'm finding out, or realizing again, just how much our children watch us and learn from our example. Our examples can be a powerful tool for good or bad. Our feelings about health, exercise, how we view our bodies, and especially our attitudes and interactions towards others. Especially in our homes. This is where it all begins.

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