Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Hips Hurt

Last week I saw Jim, fun friend, physical therapist, and co-marathon road warrior. We talked and he asked how my leg was and how my running is going. I told him the sob story. He said to get my tail over to his clinic and we'd figure things out.
I spent a couple hours there Monday morning. He and another therapist looked, analyzed, poked, prodded, and pulled. It looks like my problem really isn't what I'd thought all along; the tight IT band running along my leg from my hip to my knee. There is a bit of tightness, but not enough to make them think that that was the real cause of the problem/pain.
Looks like my hips are screwed up. Like they are rotated and out of alignment. At one point, as they were looking and feeling where my hips and knees were, we all could tell that one leg looked longer than the other. That my problem leg jets in at a sharper angle below the knee than the other. That the same leg's foot is more flexible and goes in towards the center than the other.
Anyways... after doing some of what he called "muscle synergy" movements, (pushing in one leg towards my chest and pushing the other leg out) and pulling my legs almost out of their sockets... my legs looked like they lined up again. Now, if they'll only stay that way. That's the problem.He said that orthotics (little cork insoles) in my shoes would help. He cut them out and fitted them in my shoes "Sorry Jim for the stinkies", I said. "Make sure you disinfect your hands." "It's part of the game," was his good natured reply. He's so likeable, unassuming, and makes everyone feel so comfortable. I really appreciate that about him.
I learned that my problem was that I am lacking core strength. That I'll need to build up my muscles in my hips, abs, and bum. That my hamstrings are too tight. He spent lots of time showing me what I'd need to do at home. I'm glad to know, really, what the problem seems to be. It looks like it might take longer than I was hoping for to get back to running like I did.
Not sure why I didn't have the problem before now. Maybe the marathon just did my body in.That's okay, I guess. I'm making peace with that. I've learned that I've needed to slow down in more ways than just the running. Like Jim said when this whole problem started, "Maybe you just need to remember :"Be still and know that I am God."
Yes, I'm learning that. I'm finding more peace now than ever. I think that if I hadn't dealt with this problem with my not being able to run, I wouldn't have discovered yoga. That has been such a blessing to me. Since practicing yoga, I'm finding that other aspects of my spirituality have become easier. I'm finding that I yearn for stillness. Inner stillness, especially. That I can accept things for the way they are. That even in times of discomfort, pain, or stress, I can find ease. I want to meditate and listen in my prayers, which have become more meaningful. I'm attending the temple every week. I'm relishing more than ever my time with the scriptures. All this has happened since these changes have occurred. I know that they tie together, somehow.
Now, my only struggle is finding time to fit all this in. My walks (I'm really enjoying just those simple, invigorating walks, sometimes with a little bit of running. Adding the yoga and now these physical therapy exercises. Whew. That's a lot to fit in. I'm feeling muscle aches and soreness in my hips and bum and abdomen that I didn't know existed.
Just another part of the self discovery journey I'm on, I guess.
And that's good.


  1. i know this feeling. sometime I add a bit of running into my walk too - to get my heart rate up a little bit.

    question for you though...

    does your family sometimes drive you crazy? like they need to learn to be still too? I just got done telling my husband and kids that they need to start practicing yoga. they always want to be on the go and are very uptight!!

    Down Dogs for everyone : )

  2. Sometimes I feel like our home is just a pit stop. Go here, take me there, pick me up now, I need this...The feeling of stress and frustration is especially there in the mornings, resulting in negative feelings--the opposite for the inner peace and stillness I'm striving for. Maybe it comes with being in the teenage trenches. Maybe it's an uncomfortable, temporary phase in our family. I do think that prayer and my own example of yearning and practicing yoga, etc. does seem to help. Do you know what I mean?

    My daughter Jane did take a yoga/running class last year and really loved it. She misses yoga especially. We've gone to a few classes together, but since she broke her back this summer, she's still dealing with the pain. I know my oldest son would really benefit from yoga and I think if he gave it a try, he would enjoy it. Same with the others. (Well, almost everyone.) Especially monthly yoga nidra. Are you familiar with it?

    Yes, I think the daily stress we face in this modern world is the challenge of our time. The world would be a better place if we could all SLOW DOWN.

    Thanks for making your way over here, friend!

  3. yes, you bet! Yoga Nidra - I have heard of it but never participated.

    yes, the teenage thing is going to really challenge me plus I have a husband with a short temper! Really short. I was just praying a few minutes ago for a peaceful day. That is why I get up early - for an hour or so of peace before everyone wakes up!!

    You have a full day ahead. We have had NOTHING scheduled the last 5 days which is contributing to our lack of peace. My kids are used to being somewhat on the go between school, church and soccer.

    Enjoy your day.