Friday, November 26, 2010

On This Thanksgiving Day

Hope your Thanksgiving was special. Ours was. We spent it with Keith's family. Poignant this year, with Nana's death and huge absence. Andre (or Bong as we call him) flew in from San Fran to be the chief chef. I would bring up the rolls, sweet potatoes, the traditional "Nana" stuffing, mixed berry and a choco- coco- almond pie.

It was his first real meal, he said. It was hard to believe. I don't think I could have enjoyed this feast day any more than I did this day.

I got up early and got busy. Whole wheat rolls this year. Not as popular as my normal white Divine Buns, but I was trying to make things "healthier", I guess. (I think to help with my pig out and sugar guilt I knew would result from the day.) A smear of maple-cinnamon butter made them shine.
I told Bong that he needs to think about catering. He said he learned it all from the Barefoot Contessa and Paula Dean. Oh, my gosh. I couldn't believe how good this food was. My mouth is drooling still, as I think about it.
He started us out on some cute little Gruyere canapes with garlic oil and sun dried tomatoes
and a soup of pasta e fagioli. I had closely monitor myself, as I wanted to make room for it all.

After all that turkey, we went into coma mode.

We were joined by more family by pie-time.

The cousins had fun together. All sitting around in a circle on the floor playing Mafia.
Lots of happy laughter.
Good talk around the table.
Story telling.
Hugs until we meet again.

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