Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We have an elf that comes to our house. He keeps an eye on us. He started visiting my mom's and my aunt Carma's children close to 45 years ago. Now, all the grandchildren get the joy we experienced when we were little.

We are visited each night in December (that means it starts tonight!) until Christmas day with a treat left by the advent calendar that hangs on the wall. Sometimes it's a box of crackers, a piece of saltwater taffy for everyone, a special book, a candy cane. If we are lucky, he leaves a handwritten note. His handwriting is getting a little shaky, nowadays. He's taken lots of notes to Santa for us throughout the years.

We don't quite know what Twinky looks like, but we think we've spotted his tiny footprints on the carpet and also out in the snow. There is no guarantee that he will visit everyone, though. Sometimes he leaves nothing. Boy, that's a devastating thing. Twinky is a busy guy; he goes all over the place. It's amazing how he gets around. He's been to Portugal, Brazil, the east coast, Wisconsin, California, Arizona, all over the state of Utah~all in one night! How does he do that?

We are a lucky family to have his visits!


  1. Nice to keep the childhood magic going! It radiates throughtout our lives!