Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eliza's Home-Crafted Creche

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When my daughter Eliza was 10 years old, she thought that it would be a very fun and meaningful project to create her own Nativity. This little Creche is truly an heirloom for our family, and I know especially, for own children someday.

She uses basic pipe cleaners for the body frame and glues a wooden bead on for the head. This makes them bendable and poseable. Next, she wraps their little bodies with various colors of embroidery floss. She then takes wool felt and carefully constructs the clothing with embroidery stitches to embellish, giving each one variety and personality. She made them up as she went.

Earlier that year she was inspired to start making these types of dolls after we got her Salley Mavor's Felt Wee Folk book/ She came up with this Nativity design after making several "fairy folk". They've brought so much happiness to everyone who have seen them. We are so amazed at with her creative gifts and talents. You can imagine how many hours she put into this project and the happy satisfaction that resulted throughout the creative process. She was so happy when we used them in a photograph for our Christmas card that year.

I thought you'd enjoy seeing them today.

Wise men details
(an Oriental, an African, and a European~ A diverse mix. I love how she used a gold painted acorn cap for their crowns)

The Holy Family with the shepherds

Don't you love this precious angel, perched on the rooftop?

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  1. She has so much talent and original creativity! I love that Mary is caring baby Jesus on her lap! The creche is so unique! I am glad that you support her endeavors and incetivate her to express herself! Thanks for sharing, it brings the Christmas spirit with!