Friday, December 3, 2010

Have you ever...

...ran down the street on winter mornings in temperatures so cold that icicles form in your hair and snot-cicles start filling your nose? Where your eyelashes, eyebrows, and face become covered in white, frosty "fur"?

...laughed so hard that you peed your pants and had to mop up the kitchen floor?

...started to say a prayer (aloud) when you answered the phone?

...had a son love ketchup so much that he dressed as a Heinz bottle for Halloween?

...broken your arm by tripping over your untied shoe laces while playing a game of touch football with the guys?

...woke up one morning to find that you had slept with a three inch (smashed) cockroach who decided to get cozy with you in bed?

...eaten at a restaurant and realized with horror that you didn't have enough money to pay, resulting in your having to ask an aquaintence sitting at a nearby table for help and $$?

...been served a bowl of bean stew with pig's ears and snout floating about?

...been asked when the baby was due and how many that made for us now, when in fact, there was no baby due? lost in a forest in Switzerland and felt an eerie connection to Gretel?

...had your car stalled on the freeway and then had to guide your three young children (with a stroller) to the embankment and walk to a hotel for help?

...had five toenails go black and fall off, almost all at once?

...had a plug of tobacco (from a cigarette butt found in a garbage can) mashed with your dad's spit and placed on a painful bee sting?

...tried to lead a church congregation in singing a hymn and then discovered half way through the song that they were now commencing with new lyrics and altogether different melody? a child, had your father sweetly sing this lullaby to you: "You're Some Ugly Child"? (It really is a cherished family song and no, I am not scarred.)

...had your family bugged at you for not having or believing in carrying a cell phone?

Just a bit of silly randomness from this life of mine.


  1. seriously...

    I have one black toe nail right now that won't fall off - it needs to though!! It is SO ugly. Of course, I have polish over it to cover up.

    You've had a bit of silliness for sure!!

  2. I am definetly sure: You are unique as far I am concerned! LOL!...I did drive my car in the canyon road until it run out of gas with Kevin in the backseat at sunset!...Thankful for the kindness of strangers!...And I did sit on a turn-on iron in my bed while dressing up for a date! And I almost got lost in the little forest by the Swiss temple! xoxos!