Friday, December 10, 2010

Hey, all you lurkers! Come out of hiding!

Since I started this new blog a few weeks ago, one of the most exciting things for me has been checking out the "stats" and seeing who my audience is. Most of you are accessing me through Facebook. Others might be coming here, referred by comments I might have made on other blogs. I can see when there's "activity" and what countries you're all living in. It's so fun. It's way cool.

I'm getting the biggest kick, especially, out of seeing viewers from these places: (all in order of frequency)

The Netherlands
United Kingdom

Isn't this awesome! This really is a boost to my self-esteem! So very intriguing to me. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? It's not like I have friends in these countries. Maybe one or two.

The big question is: Why are you here?

A favor, please. Leave a comment. It's not hard. Introduce yourself. I'd love to have an idea of who's lurking out there. To make friends with all kinds of folks around the world. I'D LOVE IT!

Anyway, thanks for visiting.
Have a great day!

(Wherever you are.)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Oh, how did I manage that? I inadvertently deleted my comment. Oh bother. Anyway, I'm pleased you have readers. Fun, isn't it?

  3. I am not a lurker : )

  4. I can think of many people you might know from Portugal living in some of those countries but nt all of them. Facebook best feature for me is to allow interaction with far away people. They should leave a comment.

  5. Hi there, this is lurk from the netherlands and I'm in fact potuguese:). Mané was right, been in rotterdam for 13 years, and what can I say... I like your blog, you got me:oD

  6. Welcome Alexandra! I'm so happy that you came out of hiding! Did I know you while I lived in Portugal? It's so fun that we can have this connection. Thanks so much for visiting here. If you have a blog, can I visit you there?

  7. Columbia, Missouri isn't a far away country, but you do have friends here who enjoy checking your blog!