Monday, December 20, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho story...and our Christmas tree

Here's something I wrote on my old blog that might make you chuckle:

We were living in our duplex at the time. Money was tight and if we wanted ornaments for the Christmas tree, I needed to make them. So there I was one early December evening sitting at the table trying like mad to finish up so I could start dinner. Little Gary was about 4 and Jane was 2. It seemed unusually quiet. "What are they up to now?" I thought. Then all of the sudden I hear, "Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas everybody!" Here comes Gary marching down the stairs with a bunch of cotton glued onto his face. I just about died laughing. What in the world...He found some Elmer's and that had done the trick.

Speaking of ornament making, here's a close up of our tree I took right after we put it up last week:
These corn husk dolls were made way back in the 70's by my mom. When I got married, she gave them to us. They are a treasured heirloom; something I'll always cherish. They were the only ornaments we had until I made the rest. (The story above was that time.) I wanted a "nature" look to go along with the dolls. Pinecones, apples, bird's nests, cranberry-look wooden bead strands, tafia bows (reminds us of the straw in the manger), dried oranges, tin punched stars, gingerbread-look salt dough hearts...
We love our tree. I've heard the kids say things like, "I'm so proud of our tree." That makes me smile. I don't think I'll ever change it in any way. Too many sweet memories and too much meaning that can't be replaced.