Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas Wish For You

It's Christmas Eve. For today's post, I wanted to make a little "Christmas card" to wish each of you a Merry Christmas. I wanted to include a picture of my family all together. I think this one, taken this spring at Nana's gravesite, is the only one I have.

At first glance, it doesn't seem very Christmasy. But as I've pondered this photograph, when I see the looks and feelings of peace and happiness on each of our faces, I'm realizing that this choice of a picture for my card does express my feelings about the meaning, essence, and reason why we celebrate Christmas.

This is what I've learned this year: I've learned that Jesus is our Rescuer. The little Babe, born in a manger, the Gift to the world, broke the bands of sin and death for each of us. That, and so much more. That gives me hope. I can smile, even through the pain, heart ache, sorrow, fear, and disappointment.

I love this description of the Savior I found a couple of years ago by a man named Warren Wiersbe:

His name is Wonderful:

This takes care of the dullness of life. We no longer need to live on the cheap substitutes of the world in order to have excitement and enjoyment. Jesus Christ makes everything wonderful.

His name is Counselor:

This takes care of the decisions of life. We no longer will be baffled by the problems of life, wondering what step to take next. With Jesus Christ as Counselor, we will have the wisdom that we need to make the right decisions.

His name is The Mighty God:

This takes care of the demands of life. And life is demanding! Sometimes we feel like giving up; but through Jesus Christ we can have the strength that we need to continue-and to conquer.

His name is The Everlasting Father:

This takes care of the dimensions of life. We can become part of eternity! A whole new dimension of living can be ours through Jesus Christ, when the government of our life is on His shoulders.

His name is The Prince of Peace:

This takes care of the disturbances of life. How we long for lasting peace within! What we would not to give for the secret of poise and confidence in a threatening world! The answer is- Jesus Christ. He is our prince of Peace and when he controls the government of your life, he gives you peace.

It's my sincere desire that you can feel the peace you are searching for. That you can feel hope in this troubled world. That you will know that there is a Way provided by a loving God. That this Christmas season can be a time of reflection and a time of joy as you celebrate with those you love.

This is my wish to you.

Love and Blessings,



  1. Thank you, Emily, I cherish you.

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