Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas

How was your Christmas? Was it all you hoped it would be? I thought of you. I really did. I imagined each of you, scattered across the globe, celebrating with your families.

Can I give you a little glimpse of ours?

Here we go.

We headed over to my mom and dad's house on Christmas Eve. A hop, skip, and a jump away.

Their fireplace is so cozy. I'm glad Eliza took this picture.

This is my mom. Don't you think she's beautiful? Of course, Mama outdid herself, as usual. What a spread. The house was decorated so lovely, too, like it always is.

I brought along some English Christmas crackers. No, not the kind you eat. (Although I did bring a basket of those kinds of crackers, too.) Isaac got a kick out of the "pop" and the prize. We all did.

After dinner, we headed to the living room to open presents. I love the look of anticipation on Isaac's face.

Oh, Joy!! Mama knitted all the grand kids a new pair of slippers. All 15 of them. That's a lot of knitting, folks.

Ice cream cake roll for dessert. Our version of a Buche de Noel. So pretty and oh, so good.

Back home to open packages. Just a few. The kids all drew each other's names and then they got to open one from Mom and Dad.

New p. j.'s! Not homemade, but still fun and appreciated. Seeing the kids lined up like this, all smiling and happy... it makes my heart melt.

Eliza made this darling elephant for Isaac. He's in love. Who wouldn't be with such a cuddly, cute little companion. The sweetest gift, ever.

The kids all headed down to the basement to sleep together. That's tradition around here. Everyone but Isaac stayed up 'til 2:00 to watch movies. I slept like a log. I couldn't believe how late we all got up Christmas morning. I felt like I had to call downstairs to get everyone up and going. 8:30 a.m. has got to be the record.

Me in all my glory.
My parents, my two brothers Reuben and Andrew, and my sister Natalie and her two children headed over to our house later for brunch.

It was nice having them join us. Very poignant and tender with Natalie and the kids moving on Tuesday across the country to Wisconsin. It will be so hard and we'll miss them terribly. My sister Sara and her family will live just around the corner from her, and I know that will be wonderful for both of them to be together.

We all had fun playing Mad Gab. Very fun game.
The rest of the day was spent lounging around mostly. Yes, I trudged back to the kitchen for more cooking duties. (Will it ever end?) Gary headed over to help my mom set up her new iPod. Isaac took a few spins on his new bike, (Darn. I didn't get a picture. ) and a few of us got in much needed naps. We headed up to Grandpa's and enjoyed dinner with Keith's family.
Coming back to our house was unsettling and a little unnerving. Last Christmas we came home and found our house burglarized and ransacked. A call to 911, the police, four+ carloadsful, almost Swat- team style, searching our house and property. A very terrifying Christmas we'll never forget. Needless to say, when we pulled up, headed in to the house, and found all well and like we left it, we all literally took a big sigh of relief. Later when Eliza came up to my bed to tell me goodnight, she said, "Mom, it's just nice to feel so safe." A blessing and a gift we so often take for granted.
All in all, a very happy Christmas Day.
****A few "bloopers" worth noting. Mostly on my part and proof that I'm losing my mind.(That, or just plain exhaustion.)
~Twinky, our elf I told you about who visited our house leaving a little treat every day this month, well he must have been in La-La Land for forgetting he had already brought The Forgotten Carols DVD for two years in a row now. He must be getting senile.
~While trying desperately to find Gary's requested Lawrence of Arabia DVD gift hiding somewhere in Keith's or my closet, (which never showed up, by the way.) I found another forgotten copy of Toy Story 3. The other one was wrapped up under the tree.
~I was so thrilled to purchase, at 50% off, too, the BBC production of Cranford. It would be a gift to the family (he, he... wink, wink) Come to find out, Gary ordered it from Amazon for me and it's on it's way. Ugh...
~Jane bought Gary a shirt he already had.
Just a few funnies from the day...


  1. So nice to share your Christmas with you! I laugh about the bloopers, it happens to me to!
    I love the slippers your Mom knitted...just like her to ensure all of the kids had something done by her. The pajamas are cool and served the purpose! Good tiddings, for sure!

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed the guided tour of your holiday season. This one has been unique for me, and has left me with a lot to ponder. It has done my heart so much good to read your words and see you photographs. I envy your Mother's skills with the knitting needles; something I've always wanted to learn. My son also got a repeat shirt, but he loves it so much, he was thrilled to have two!

    Once we get back to regularly-scheduled programming, let's do get together as we've talked about!

  3. @ Mane: Your constant praise and kind words always bouy me up. Did you know that? I love you.

    @ Melanie: Your thoughtful, sweet words are a gift to me. Your friendship is a gift. It's been on my mind. It's hard to find "connection" like I've found in you. Let's let it grow, shall we?

    I wish I could knit like my mom. All I know how to do is cast on and knit rows. I've always wanted to sit "cozy" in my chair or by the fire and knit the day away.

    I'm looking forward, so much, for time to sit and share with each other. Let's make it happen.

  4. looks like you had a wonderful day! Love the picture of you in your apron. Enjoy the week ahead.