Wednesday, January 26, 2011

cozy and contented

My, how things can change.

After going on my run (which was so great, by the way) and feeling a touch of warmth in the air, with no snow on the ground and no frosty car windows to scrape, I took that picture yesterday HOPEFUL for spring and change.

Just a few hours later, this.

Do you know what? I didn't really mind the return of winter. In fact, I loved it.

After taking Isaac to school in the morning, I came home and felt so happy just being at home.

The snow was falling fast outside, bringing with it a peaceful contentment inside my heart. I put on my apron, turned on the soundtrack to Somewhere in Time, and stood at the sink, washing the dishes and looking out the window at the trees now covered in snow. To me, that is one of the most beautiful sights there is to see.

It felt like a bread making day. It was so nice to get back to that simple joy I've been missing lately. One loaf for us and one for a neighbor.

It was a good day for snuggling and reading stories by the fire.

Just the kind of day for a good pot of warming soup at dinnertime. After all, Tuesday is soup day.

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  1. It feels cozy...but hten again always feels that way in your home no matter what season!