Monday, January 3, 2011

Daybook for January 2, 2011

Outside my window: This is so bizarre. When we got home from church this afternoon, lo an behold here was this dead falcon lying on the front porch. I was the first to see it and it was so startling and random. At first we couldn't figure out what happened, but as we started talking about it, Eliza and Isaac said that they thought they heard a "huge thump on the window" this morning, and didn't think anything of it later. In front of our porch is little clump of trees and we've just recently started putting out bird seed. We think he swooped down to attack the other birds perched there and unfortunately plowed into our living room window (where the porch lies.) Eliza's comment, "He didn't know what hit him." sums it up perfectly. Poor thing. Such a beautiful creature.

I am thinking: of making the commitment to go off white sugar. I know, I know. I just wrote about how I hate "resolutions", but I'm feeling the need. Trying to get out of this "sugar blues" rut and blah. Can I do it for a whole month? Can I have the discipline? I think writing bout it here and then in my journal will help firm my resolve. I've already made the lifetime commitment of no soda and that's been three years ago. I know it it will be hard, especially at first. I can still allow myself unrefined sweeteners. But no more candy or "outside the home" baked treats. It's hard as I type this... but... yes, I think I'll go for it. (wincing now). Crossing my fingers. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I am thankful for: having these last couple of weeks to relax, but I think I'm going to look forward to more routine starting tomorrow.

From the kitchen: We'll sit down to dinner in just a bit. Crock-pot meatballs with barbecue sauce, potatoes baked in the oven, broccoli, and green salad.

I am creating: The wreath I had on the table was so dried out and tired, so I threw it out the other day. I got inspired to put this little grouping together to take it's place. A tidy place to make things more accessible, all corralled in a round basket-tray. Napkins, meal-time "cozy" candle, seasonal plant or floral centerpiece, and a smaller portable basket filled with salt and pepper, oil and vinegar for our salads, matches for the candle, packets of stevia to sweeten our tea, and an assortment of tea bags for when the mood strikes. I'm liking it.

I am going: to call everyone for dinner soon.

I am hoping: for warmer days. It's been so frigid here lately, even with the sun shining.

I am reading: all the new Christmas books, but I think we'll try to make it to the library tomorrow. The kids are craving"chapter books" and I'm craving more from Thich Nhat Hanh.

Around the house: the "bane of my existence" lies waiting for me, as always. Anyone want to come over for a sock folding party?

I am hearing: From Isaac just now:"Where are all the place mats?" (his job is setting the table.) Me: "I guess they're in the laundry." (sigh)

One of my favorite things: warm socks. Are you a bedtime sock person or are you not? I am.

I am wearing: tan turtleneck that Jane gave me for Christmas, camel cords, red slippers.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Sam's basketball game tomorrow. Back-to-the-grindstone with school, work, exercise, lessons, and meetings. Hoping to take down Christmas this weekend.


  1. poor bird. my mom and dad have to put decals on their window just for that reason. Yes, socks to bed for sure!! It is 25 here this morning. Too Cold. Happy Monday Morning : )

  2. I thought falcons had good vision! Off white sugar is a good thing, sorry about the kneaders' it to someone! Happy day!

  3. I'll join you in the sugar abstinence, I'm feeling blah from over indulgence too.
    Socks - oh yes definitely needed in bed to avoid cold feet cramps. Socks anytime, I love my cosy socks and hate cold feet, wearing thick woollen ones this evening.