Saturday, January 8, 2011

Feelin' Good! And Here's Why:

~I got a one hour massage yesterday afternoon using the gift certificate Keith gave me for my birthday. I've had lots of massages over the years, but this one was the best by far. Heidi, power woman, even came over to my house with her bed and all. So convenient to have it done in my own bedroom. Found that the real root of my problem, what I thought it was all along, it's those immensely tight hips. Especially on the "bad" side. As hard as a rock. She attacked and worked to soften that whole region of my body. We could both feel the knots melting. I could feel immediate change there and in my knee which resulted in my being able to run for twenty minutes this morning. Unbelievable. This is so huge for me! Still slight pain, but definitely a huge difference. I think the $60 fee will be so worth it a couple more times. I can't tell you how happy and hopeful I am that I might be able to run again!!

~Went out to dinner last night with Keith to a local Italian restaurant with the gift card we got for Christmas. Halibut. So delicious. So light. Not even tempted for dessert.

~Came home and I read to him excerpts out another one of Thich Nhat Hanh's book Teachings on Love that I picked up from the library this week. I'm learning lots of good things from this sweet, little Buddhist monk who is now becoming one of my favorite writers. Good discussion with Keith and I was so glad he could appreciate and enjoy my sharing it with him.

~Went to yoga class this morning at the city recreation center (with the follow up run around the track.) Felt so good to breath deeply, to stretch, and calm my mind. Bought a family fitness pass for the coming year at a reduced price. Everyone here is excited.

~Have been off white sugar for almost a week. Big high five, people! It's been easier than I thought it would be, I think because I've learned how to easily incorporate unrefined sugars so much into my diet. Not like I eat a lot of them, anyway. Not sure what I'm trying to prove or if it'll last longer than a month. Just want to see if I can discipline myself and interested to see what changes will come about. To make it easier for me, I stocked up on this stuff:

Trying to stay clear of the hidden sugars and corn syrup with the jam and ketchup. This ketchup is sweetened with agave which is a lower glycemic, whole food sweetener. The coconut milk "ice cream"dessert, also with agave, will come in handy for both me and my mom on Sunday nights when it's our dessert day.

~Drinking a quart of green smoothie everyday this week. WOWZERS.

~Rounded the troops up and we all took down and put away Christmas this morning. Even did a clean up/clear up/de-clutter around the house. Ahh, feels so nice.

~Went over to my mom's house this afternoon and ran some errands for her. Really made me feel good to help her this way.


  1. Hi Emily, I'm sitting here in the recliner (where Ive spent the last 5 days trying to feel better). Sitting still is so darn hard !
    I love your blog. You're so peaceful and you write in such a calming way. I really feel like I've experienced a minute in your day with you as I read it. Great job. Hope 2011 brings you wonderful blessings and continued happiness.

  2. A well spent day! I am so glad you are feeling better after that massage! Hurray for the refined sugar-free week. I almost complete did, except for a smoothie that Sarah made for us. It makes feel so much better.

  3. you had a great day!! A massage sounds wonderful. Good for you. Love that she came to you. And, dinner out ... I am trying not to be jealous. I have spinach I need to use up - I think it will be a green smoothie week for me too.