Friday, January 28, 2011

Geography Fun Day~ We try Japanese food

Isaac and I have been focusing on geography this year for our homeschool social studies. It's got to be my favorite topic we've delved in over the years. I love learning about cultures. I think I've done a good job at helping my kids love and appreciate the different countries and peoples of the world. I think it has everything to do with my enthusiasm.

We've been learning about Asia this month and will be for the next. For the last two weeks, it's been all about Japan. We've read lots of fiction and non-fiction books we've picked up from the library. We love watching a series called Families of the World that focuses on the daily life of two children from various countries of the world. We watched the Japan video yesterday. Isaac colors maps. He writes narrations of things we've read about and learned. He draws pictures to illustrate. He likes to put together puzzles of each of the continents. The other day, he tried his hand at Chinese calligraphy. I made him his own passport where he gets to put on a flag sticker with a handwritten label for the countries we learn about in each continent.

In years' past, I organized a monthly geography club with several other families where we each would do a presentation that involved food, games, and other hands-on activities. Those were the "glory days" of our homeschooling. I've always tried to make the learning come alive.

I think the funnest thing we do is eat the food from each culture. It comes in so handy for the monthly field trips we try to take. I've always done this with my other kids, and it's one of the best memories of their homeschool experience. If we can, we'll go to a Oriental food market, maybe a Mexican or European-type bakery, try our hand at making something special at home, (that means a party!!!) or for a special treat, we'll go on a special outing to an ethnic restaurant.

Isaac couldn't stop talking about our plan to go out to lunch for Japanese food.
Just him with mom. We sat on a low booth table on pillow mats. I normally don't like sushi (it's the seaweed that gets me), but for some reason, I felt a craving for the veggie roll. Isaac was feeling brave and decided to try a bite of mine. I watched his face...

He loved it! He even went so far as to try a, in his words, "microscopic taste" of the super-hot wasabi. No more of that, thank you very much, but needless to say, I ended up sharing the rest of the sushi with my boy.

He ate every drop of his miso soup. Tofu, seaweed, the whole bit. He got the hang of using chopsticks. (He practiced by picking up his napkin over and over.)

We each got a Bento box with teriyaki chicken. He was adventurous to want his with the vegetable and shrimp tempura. Mine had the Gyoza (dumplings). All so tasty. The leftovers made good after school snacks for the other kids.

All in all, a very fun outing. A great way to introduce an excited, easy to please, little boy to a new culture.

A time together that I hope he and I will never forget.

Next weekend, we'll celebrate Chinese New Year!!


  1. How fun! And, he is totally sweet : )

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I've been entertaining the idea of homeschooling lately. If I give it a go I will most definitely have to include something like this. (And Japanese food is one of my favorites.)

  3. We never try japanese food...We'll have too because you got me excited about it!