Friday, February 4, 2011

A Day In My Life

I like Fridays. I can exhale. (Thinking back on my day, this doesn't look anything like an exhale. ) I guess it's wishful thinking. But all the same, I look forward to the slower pace of the weekend. Here's what my day looked like.

(If you want to know. And if you are curious.)

:: My eyes popped open a little after 5:00 am.
:: Put up my blog post for the day.
:: Helped Isaac with his bloody nose. (he slept with me in my bed.)
:: I drove to the rec. center and ran around the track for a half an hour. I'd rather do that than run on my dreaded treadmill. (I don't like running in the dark, Keith's gone, hence the earlier time all because of carpool duties.)
:: Breakfast on the table.
:: Drive kids (Sam and Jane, plus two neighbor boys) to school.
:: Come home, check Facebook and here. And other stuff.
:: Read the paper. Make a green smoothie. Chug it. Clean kitchen.
:: Shower and get ready.
:: Feelin' groovy, hence this shoe choice (who says a 40 year old mom of 5 can't love her Chucks.)

:: Read scripture stories and Mei Fu: Memories from China to Isaac.
:: Help him with his schoolwork.
:: Make our lunches.
:: Go to Eliza's school for lunchroom duty. (Wipe down tables. Intervene when necessary.)
:: Pick Jane up (early out day).
:: Stop at the store for dinner stuff.
:: Pick up Eliza at her school.
:: Go back to the high school to pick up Sam. (basketball. sigh...)
:: Make egg rolls for tonight's dinner with Jane.
:: Make rice for fried rice.
:: Go pick up Gary from work.
:: Take Gary to new apartment to pay his deposit and first month's rent
:: Oops. He can't pay with his credit card. Must go now to the bank.
:: Like listening to Gary's Miles Davis jazz in the car.
:: Call Jane to tell her to start the fried rice.
:: Pick up two cartons of Orange Chicken at Panda Express.
:: Come home, fry the egg rolls, and make the dipping sauce.

:: Call the kids to the table, offer quick prayer of thanks, and chow down.
:: Get Sam and Eliza out the door for Papa to pick them up (they went with him to the temple)
:: Thinking that Mane might like to try some egg rolls, I take some over to her house.
:: Come home and play a game of chess with Isaac. (He kills me. For reals.)
:: Give Isaac a massage on my bed.
:: Sit down to write.
:: Read in bed.
:: Goodnight all.


  1. you must be exhausted!!

  2. A full-up schedule but filled with great things. Thanks for the egg rolls, they were great! I hope things get a little less busier for you (less driving back and forth). I like how you start your mornings so much! :)