Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gary's New Digs

Well, Gary (who'll turn 20 next month) officially moved out yesterday. He took the day off from work and borrowed my van to haul all his stuff to his new apartment. It was bittersweet for me. After he got everything loaded up and was ready to leave, I stopped him and said that we needed to talk. We looked into each other's tear- filled eyes. We smiled. I told him that this was his home and always would be. We would only be a phone call away, day or night. I told him to remember all that we taught him. That he now would have to be in charge of himself. That he needed to take good care of himself. There was a long hug. A holding hug. Tender kisses. Tenderness and sweetness.

I do feel a loss. I will miss his daily presence. I will miss picking up after him. I truly will. I will miss hearing his cheery whistling. I will miss hearing his music playing. I will miss not seeing his place set on the table, but still looking forward to Sunday dinner when he'll come.

I'm glad he can have his independence and space. I'm glad for the chance he has to learn and grow.

We all decided to go down and check out his new digs. There were some things he forgot, and I wanted to bring him some more food. We thought it would be fun to go out for ice cream afterwards.

As we approached his apartment building, I knew right then which one was his. 3rd floor with the lights on, the blinds up, and the huge portrait of King Abdullah of Jordan on the wall over his desk. It made us all laugh out loud.

We didn't meet his roommates, but we met some of the guys who like to come and hang out in the apartment. Huge flat screen TV is a big draw.

It was a fun time. We were happy for him. We drove over to the Creamery/market. I bought him some more groceries and the ice cream hit the spot. My first real treat since Christmas. "Graham Canyon". Yum.

Love you, Gare. Be good.


  1. The coming of age...so bittersweet! He is a great young man and he will blossom! Love you!
    So glad you went to see him. xoxos

  2. yes, such a bittersweet moment. Glad you captured it here.

  3. I am in tears- I remember him as a five year old. I am preparing for that myself in the next two years, not sure how I will handle it, since our kids will most likely up and leave the state we live in.

    Great post!