Friday, February 25, 2011

Gratitude Friday

~getting the long- anticipated email letter yesterday, stating that Jane has been accepted to the university of her choice. We are all so happy (and relieved) about this news. We went out to dinner last night to celebrate.

~for Isaac being able to join in on the children's chess club at the library yesterday. He was in heaven.

~for Sam giving me a random tight hug.

~for Gary being able to join a group of 8 other young men who cook for each other every night. It's so nice for Gary to make connection this way, to eat a decent meal with a "family" of sorts. Gary's turn was last night. He called for last minute advise on his sweet and sour chicken meal he was in charge of.

~to see a little self written schedule on Eliza's desk that had reminders of the things she needed to do during the day. It melted my heart to see these words she had included: "Be a Light".

~for the sweet notes, cards, comments, and phone calls I've been getting lately.

~for Keith getting the laundry under control.

~for the massage I got Wednesday afternoon. It sure is making a difference in my running.

~for the 9 hours of (almost) uninterrupted sleep I got last night.


  1. that is a good list!

  2. Breath in those blessings and the ability to recognize them...they are heavenly fuel for harder days! I am grateful for the continuous peace of feeling you inspire! And for how unique and wonderful you are!