Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Day 2011

Hope your Valentine's Day was fun and memorable. Here's a recap of mine.

~Weekend hot date with my lover. Dinner to Tuscany (we sat two tables away from Jerry Sloan. Poor guy) and saw True Grit (a little too violent for my tastes, but all in all, a good film.)

~major tension headache and bittersweet emotional feelings all the result from my release on Sunday. Another 6 mile run yesterday morning sure was helpful.

~Keith made a apple upside down cake to take over to Mama's and Papa's Sunday night. Valentine remembrances were shared all the way around.

~white roses, heart ivy topiary, tiny "E" notebook, new set of Sharpies, box of Dots, Cary Grant DVD, and a promise of framing an art print I got for Christmas. Oh, and he decided to work from home as to help catch up on laundry, treat us (including Isaac and a sick Sam) to a lunch of Subway sandwiches. Keith is the best.

~visits and treats from Bonnie S., Phyllis, and Bonny H., and Mane. More tears and hugs.

~special dinner at home with all the kids. Even Gary. Two days in a row, even. He spent the afternoon looking for a car (still no luck) and we were glad he could be in on the celebration. Crepes with bananas and cut up strawberries, topped with homemade chocolate and strawberry sauces, plus a squirt of whipped cream. Oh, baby.

~candlelight, smiles, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, heart felt cards, hugs, new DVD's to look forward to, a new book called LOVE Is...

~piled onto our bed and watched part of Secretariat. I zonked out. As usual.


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  1. I you call it a bounty of love! Sounds "tres francaise" your dinner! I love that you take these celebrations serious! Our day was great too, in Sarah's words "the most wonderful Valentine's Day ever!". I got the most touching card from Alan, we gave one to Sarah, took kids with us to see "Gnomeu and Juliet" 3D, Alan left work especially early for that. We gave ourselves a challenge and experience to share jointly. I made a red dinner spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce with a mozarella/parmesan heart, cranberry/raspberry jello salad, green beans (with a didn't die red despite Sarah's request) and breadsticks. We called "amore" dinner. probably inspired by you, Emily!