Monday, February 14, 2011


"What it Means"

I was called to be a minister.
Two and a half years of unpaid service
All because of love
For them and
For Him.
The growing season,
doing things I didn't want to do
or thought I couldn't do
With all the strength
and heart
I had.
Charity Never Faileth.
It meant
visiting you
when you had a birthday
when you were lying sick in a hospital bed
or your own bed
when you needed to talk about your husband, your child, your fears, your joys.
I'll take you ice cream, and flowers, and soup, and bread, and cookies, and bags of groceries, and stuff from my garden, and dinner
and a smile.
I'll hug you tight
and kiss your cheek.
I'll pray for you
I'll call you on the phone
to check on you.
I'll talk about your needs in the countless
meetings held in your behalf.
I'll be there there when you need me
at the weddings,
the births
those moments of agony and
when you lost your beloved to that awful monster
Death or
those times when he was taken to jail.
You trusted me.
I'll tend your
children when you need me
And cry for you
and worry about you
I'll show you love so you can feel
Now, it's all over.
Or is it?
Did I do anything
Did I do what I was called to
The peace comes in knowing that
The relationships we've formed
really are eternal.
This sweetest time of ministering service
the sacrifice
(was it really a sacrifice?)
A blessing and a
more than you or I will ever

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  1. Well done carrying the yoke, Emily! Remember you never had to do it alone - He was, is and will be there for you, us always. There is no brighter truth! Love you!