Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Should I Be Alarmed?

Yeah. It's after 3:00 am and I'm sitting here wide-eyed.
I wish I could be off in dreamland.

Speaking of dreams, I had a weird dream the other night. Funny, but a little alarming.
Michael Scott, (Steve Carrell) from the Office, was the star of my dream.
He was my clergyman.
There were some romantic elements in my dream.
Enough said.

Now, I have no idea where that came from. I never watch TV. I did go through an Office stage /obsession last summer when Jane broke her back, I was bored and depressed, and we couldn't go anywhere. I enjoyed watching the first two or three seasons on DVD. I haven't thought about Michael in a long time. (Is it weird that I find him attractive? Now, that's really alarming!)

Here's more of my thoughts from my old blog about dreaming.

"Bad Dreams and Sweet Dreams"

I dream at night. Vividly. Most nights there is more than one dream. I
kind of look forward to what the night will bring. You never know, sometimes.
Most of the time, the dreams are pretty random, maybe relating to something from the day or what's been going through my mind. Sometimes the dreams are pretty
weird and unexplainable. But sometimes I've had dreams that I know were meant to tell me something. Like when I kept dreaming of a little baby boy (Isaac needing to come to our family) or when I've dreamed about each of my grandparents. How young they seemed, how I could feel my grandmother wrapping her arms around me.

These are the types of dreams that wake me up, heart pounding.
Do you have certain dreams that you have over and over? I do. I think the most common one is that my teeth are falling out. Just popping out left and right and I'm panicking. Another one is that I'm back at high school and I'm in the halls by myself and I can't find the class I need to be in or I can't remember my locker combination or that I'm extremely behind with all my assignments and I haven't been to the class in weeks or months. One I haven't had for a while, but used to have all the time is where I'm running around the school ground in Portugal (we used to have to do that for P.E.) and my legs won't move and it's like I'm running through heavy tar or something. Lately, I've been dreaming that I'm back inside our house in L____ and the people that live there are gone, and I've snuck in and am snooping around, seeing how everything looks now. Then I start to worry that they'll be coming home and see this strange woman inside their house.

Last night's was kind of funny. Governor Huntsman and Mary Kay were
asking my dad to be the chief of staff for the ambassadorship to China. (He was
the former governor of our state and now serves as U.S. ambassador to
China.) I was a teenager and was trying to emphasize how Dad had all the
qualifications, like being a mission president and everything. I was so
excited to go to China and attend the American International School there like I
did in Portugal.

I guess dreaming for me is sometimes entertainment, sometimes
unsettling, sometimes a way to inform me of something I need to know, sometimes leaving me feeling like I hated to wake up and know that it was just a

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  1. It might be time to learn more about China! You might use it in the future! Dreams is you watching your world, I guess (all mixed up). I find Michael Scott atractive in many ways! That is not a bad dream guest! Lol!
    I dream of a baby little girl many times!