Friday, February 11, 2011

too cold

For several days now, Isaac has been asking when we could go to the pool. (You have to know that our community recreation center's pool is covered with a "bubble" from fall until late spring.) We decided we would head over there after we dropped off Eliza to school early this morning. Isaac was sure excited. He hasn't gone swimming since summer time. I thought it would be a good thing to start out the day. To give him a chance to practice his floating. To let him have an opportunity to move his body during these days where we're cooped up inside.

As I put on my gloves and knitted hat, packed our swimming stuff in my bag, and walked up to the pool, it just didn't seem natural. For crying out loud- it's freezing cold outside.

We were the only ones in the shallow end. Senior citizen water aerobics was going on. I forced myself to get in the water. To make it fun for Isaac. To help him with his floats. Isaac couldn't stop his teeth from chattering.

We stayed for about 45 minutes.

Hot chocolate back at home warmed us to the bone. I made mine with coconut milk and agave. Oh my.

It seems like I'm always cold. My hands are like ice. Constantly . I do okay running in the winter, but I think it's because I'm moving. I know I need to drink more water, especially because I sweat so much, but even a normal, cool glass of water chills me too much.

When I lost weight and started running, something weird happened. I can't handle ice in my drinks, or even cool water for that matter. It's just too jarring to my system. When we're eating out, I always have to remember to tell the server to "hold the ice". They look at me weird with a double take. Call me nuts, but I'd rather have it luke- warm. (Does anyone else have this need, or am I only person like this?)

Maybe I'm Portuguese. (Europeans have a hard time with the ice issue. Like you'll get sick. I think maybe they're on to something after all.)

Maybe I'm just listening to what my body wants. Maybe I'm just following the natural rhythms of the seasons. I think that's healthy.

When it's cold, it's cold. Respect the body's need for warmth.

Come on. It's a no- brainer.


  1. I laughed with this one! Kevin has no clue of seasons...for him is always pool time! Or snow overalls time for that matter. Room temperature drinks are supposed to be gentler in your body. Remember the obvious...the % of fat you had went dramatically down is no wonder you feel the cold easier. My Sarah is always cold1
    Yes, it is healthy to follow the rhythms of the good for us and for the environment. It is also fun to do something unexpected! :) Good for Issac!

  2. I tell the waiters to hold the ice too! And for me one of the scariest things about training for a triathalon is having to swim in the winter. A few weeks ago I realized I had to put my money where my mouth was and just get in the dang pool. I live in San Diego and the outdoor pool is heated this time of year, but it's still no hot tub. Fortunately it wasn't bad, especially at mid-day, and I actually look forward to swimming laps now.