Saturday, February 19, 2011

what's up

Watched this movie for the millionth time yesterday afternoon and then later last night. One of my most favorites. I think I have a crush on Anthony Hopkins. (As C.S. Lewis. Hannibal Lecter, no.)

Woke up around 3:00 am and couldn't get back to sleep. This has been my pattern this week. Not sure why. Did doze off again around 6ish for another hour or so.

This is my comfy reading nook where I've been hanging out in the wee morning hours. I finished reading The Good Earth today.

Started the day with a nice run. Glad I beat the rain.

Spent most of the day out and about shopping. Went with Keith down to the University bookstore to pick out a frame for the print he gave me for Christmas. We're excited to hang this in our bedroom. Lunch together highlighted with a donut for him and ice cream for moi. Dang. I just couldn't resist.

Came home and took Jane to find a semi-formal dress to wear to next week's Sweethearts dance. Glad we found something nice. Antique rose, pale pink, empire waist, knee length with chocolate brown sash. Also, a new pair of flats.

Listened to the Beatles. Turned up "Hey Jude" real loud.

Came home and got dinner started. Taco dinner and this sweet and spicy spinach-chickpea (cumin, cayenne, and coriander) dish for those with adventurous tastes. I've been craving this ever since I made it last.

Now, a Miss Marple mystery movie beckons. Along with my bed and those freshly washed sheets.
Talk to you later.


  1. I made something similar for dinner last night. Chick Pea cravings must be running high!

  2. Definetly chick pea cravings! I cook them the same way too! I can't wait to be able to eat beans again! I love your reading corner -best idea ever!