Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When You're Six...and a Half.

You get to go to a nice school.

You get to carry your own school bag (even with your name on it) to put important papers in.
You get to spend time with your best friend, Ike.

You get to choose your works.

You get to paint. If you want.

You get to learn what 1000 means when you work on the floor with the bead chains and number arrows.

You get to sit Indian style on a rug and sing songs.
You get to be the "Star of the Week".

You get to celebrate your 1/2 birthday and walk with a globe around the candle six times. It's like the sun because you've gone around the sun that many times so far.

You get to have your mom come and talk about your favorite things and show pictures of you when you were little.

You get to have a snack.

You get to bring the snack when you are the "Star of the Week". Little kids like me still think pretzels and carrot sticks are cool.

You get to play outside with all the other kids. Swinging on the swings and running down the hill are fun things to do.

School makes you happy when you are six (and a half).

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  1. Isaac is such a cute kid! Always with that look of wonder in is eyes! Like magic will happen anytime during the day! I am so glad you are able to nurture that!