Monday, March 14, 2011

Daybook for March 14, 2011

Outside my window: I'm not sure if I enjoy this daylight savings, spring-forward experience. I dislike the change in my natural body rhythm and the loss of that early morning light that I love. Today, I was surprised to have my eyes pop open at 5:00 like they do every day, but this morning I was glad I could fall back asleep for another hour and give my body the rest that it needed.

I am thinking: that it was a year ago today that we gathered for Nana's funeral. Her sudden and unexpected passing is still so hard to believe. She's been on my mind all week. We all profoundly miss her presence in our lives.

I am thankful for: an understanding, supportive husband.

In the kitchen: today's breakfast was oatmeal, jazzed up with an assortment of enticing toppings to choose from. Very warming and cozy on this dark morning.

For my lunch yesterday, I made a delicious wheat berry salad. I don't know why I don't cook and eat wheat prepared this way. This was so, so, good. Very clean and filling. Along with the cooked and chewy wheat berries were chunks of apple, celery, red and green onion, dried blueberries, chopped almonds, and a delicious orange vinaigrette to pull it all together. (Thank you, Heather!!!) I can't wait for lunchtime for more.

I am creating: order in the house and prep work for the coming week in the kitchen today.

I am going: to enjoy watching this movie I chose at the library on Friday. A 2 disk award winning documentary from Nikolaus Geyrhalter; "an epic journey to twelve remote and rarely glimpsed locales and communities around the world...expansive vistas of desert, snow, jungle, ice, and rainforest; he travels with a scooter-riding Finish reindeer herdsman, visits the home of a rural Nambibian family, and ventures out to sea with a Sardinian fisherman, creating portraits from the five continents, one for each month of the year. An homage to humanity, ELSEWHERE is a nuanced picture of life--fragile and resilient-- at the start of the 21st century."

I am hearing: I also picked up The Remains of the Day soundtrack. I've always loved this and have decided that it's worth owning.

I am hoping: and praying and thinking about those poor people in Japan. What they must be feeling. The suffering and loss they must be experiencing. How much this tiny island nation has gone through. The devastating loss of homes and lives and loved ones. How they are going to recover from this calamity. There have been other stories of pain and heartache of others that I've recently encountered that have deeply saddened me and I'm finding it hard to get these out of my mind, as well.

Around the house: looks like we need to do a weekend recovery around here. I need to hit the breakfast dishes and do a sweep through of the house.

I am reading: This teen fiction caught my eye, too. I've enjoyed it so far. Told in journal form, it's kind of a take on the Rupunzel fairy tale.

One of my favorite things: climbing into my bed's flannel sheets at the end of a long day. That moment when we turn out the light and there's total darkness and quiet.

A few plans for the rest of the week: a few church meetings to attend. St. Patrick's Day to celebrate. Green pancakes and orange juice in the morning are a hit. The children look forward to searching for gold coins a clever little leprechaun likes to hide in the yard. A corned beef and cabbage dinner along with soda bread also makes the day special.


  1. if there was a like button - I would like this post :)

  2. Your Nana's loss seems to be so deep and she left such great legacy! That wheat berry dish looks enticing! Share, please! I saw an interesting documentary movie too - an eye openner about the economy - "Inside Job"! I noticed that there weren't many flannel sheets from Portugal at Costco!
    Happy St. Patrick's day!