Monday, March 28, 2011

Late Afternoon Ponderings

observing:: on and off snow flurries almost all day long. Sunshine intermittently.

laughing:: out loud when Jane told me the latest drama happening at school today. A boy dropped and shattered a Costco industrial sized glass jar of jalapeno peppers (including all the juices) all down the main (brand new carpeted) hallway during lunch break. The chaos, and subsequent smell, caused quite a stir.

making:: coconut- oatmeal cookies to enjoy for a treat later tonight. (I couldn't wait. I indulged. They're tasty.) Also, Renee's baked beans are slowly cooking away in the oven for tonight's supper. The house smells heavenly.

enjoying:: my mug of honey chamomile tea this afternoon.

listening:: to this annoying dad sitting behind me in the school carpool lane, cranking up his pounding music super loud for everyone to enjoy. Even with the windows all rolled up. In all my years sitting and waiting, this was a first.

giving:: Isaac today's spelling words: indispensable, issuing, forcible, consensus


  1. That genius Isaac! Look at his vocabulary! tea break sounds great! For me first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The cookies looked delicious! Dinner too!
    It seems a afternoon full of joy, except for the loud music! Loves!

  2. Emily, I miss you! As always, I feel a sense of peace just reading your words. Love you, Jenny Davis