Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nature Table For March

We have a special place in our house. We call it our "nature table". This area (ours is on top of an antique pine cabinet we've had for many years) is designated to display and showcase the elements of nature associated with each season. A wonderful way to recognize and surround ourselves with the rhythms of the natural world.

We'll bring the outdoors in. Budding branches, little pots of shamrocks, an abandoned birds nest, vases of daffodils and tulips, empty robin's egg shells found on the grass, an Easter egg tree, a natural Easter basket planted with wheat grass... these might be found on the spring nature table.

Summer might bring bouquets of flowers or herbs picked in the yard and garden, a little wooden bowl of cherry tomatoes, sea shells and starfish, rocks gathered on a hike, part of a wasp's nest, a bunch of flags to celebrate Independence Day.

We herald the coming of fall with sunflowers or sunflower heads, bowls of apples or pears (they are so beautiful), little squash and pumpkins, brilliant, scarlet bunches of autumn foliage.

When it's winter, there will be bowls or baskets filled with pine cones, tangerines, nuts, fragrant cinnamon potpourri, orange clove- studded pomanders, pine boughs, a candle, cut bare branches in a vase, roses when it's Valentine's Day.

We often display a seasonal art print, an open page of a book that illustrates the month, a poem, or little felt dolls Eliza and I have made. This special area in our home provides an opportunity and a place for the children to bring in whatever else that they proudly want to display. I try to keep this area neat and beautiful. I have to watch that it doesn't become a dumping area for other things. Also to note: near our fireplace, I have a basket that is designated for seasonal books. I check most of these out from the library, but over the years, I've collected quite a few. We always love to see these old friends make their appearance every year when it's their time to shine.

I love this idea of having a special place set aside to honor the seasons. I would much rather decorate my home with natural objects. They bring a special peace. Even when all the children are grown and gone, I know that I'll make this a permanent part of my "decorating scheme". It truly brings beauty and happiness in my life. It brings a sense of security, knowing what to expect and watch for year after year. Following the seasons this way brings a deep sense of peace, awareness, and reverance. Nature has that gift, don't you think? (I'll be showcasing our changing nature table here for you to see throughout the year.)

Why don't you set a little area designated for nature in your home. You'll be so glad you did.

Spring is almost here, friends.


  1. I should do this. There are SO many things I wish I would have done with my kids but didn't because I was working full time when they were young. I have to remind myself often that it is never too late!!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I think my almost 3 year old would love to help me collect things from outside to bring in. Thanks for the inspiration! We are still deep in snow up here in Maine, so maybe some flowers from the shop downtown will start us off :-)

  3. I love this idea - living in full awareness of time and seasons! Also you give Sarah an outlet for her gathering of rocks and other things! I love your nature table, I think it makes the kids more aware of nature's beauty and eventually better guardians of it.

  4. Thank you for sharing! I recently discovered your blog and it is now a regular part of my days. I love the idea of bringing nature inside:)

  5. What is the beautiful book you have as part of the display?

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