Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why I Blog

I'm a blogger. I have my own blog. I read other blogs. I've made this a priority in my life for many reasons and I'll get to those in a minute. Blogging has been a huge blessing in my life. I've always been interested in people. Fascinated with the daily life, habits, personalities, and inner thoughts of individuals and families. I think it was about four or five years ago that I started reading and discovering these things called "blogs". I was attracted mostly to women's lives similar to mind. Since reading is a huge part of my life, it seemed like a natural fit. Then, two and a half years ago, I decided to take the plunge and start writing myself. Blue House Blessings ran privately and then six months ago, I decided to create this new one, Abide With Me, to reach a larger audience. It's been such a rewarding journey.

Here's some of the reasons why I blog:

1. I write to see the hand of God in my life. A means to remember Him, acknowledge the Giver of all good things. To have a means of easily going back through a tangible record when I'm discouraged and once again, being able to feel His love.

2. To have a way to leave a written record of my personal life and our home life for my children and posterity. For them to know their mom, this woman named Emily, in a deep and personal way. To know my inner thoughts that might not be so apparent. To not be forgotten; to leave a mark. I could keep and have kept other written journals, but this blogging thing somehow has motivated me to be more consistent and accountable.

3. I use this as a journal and record for myself. To not forget these days and times of my life. To go back to and enjoy and laugh and reminisce, and re-live, and feel again.

4. It helps me to develop an "attitude of gratitude". To find beauty in the simplicity of every day living and the meaning in the mundane. It's a tool to help me see with new eyes. As I do discover these blessings, big and small, with a grateful heart, this almost always results in peace and happiness, which I'm really searching for every day of my life.

5. Blogging helps me know more about myself. Daily introspection, with written expression taking a primary role, helps me learn and analyze more of who I am. Writing has become such good therapy, where I can express what's real, often times pent- up feelings of frustration, sorrow, discouragement, anxiety, worry. Likewise, it's a wonderful avenue to be able to have a forum that allows me to express joy, discovery, gladness, excitement, and contentment. To see for myself how I view the world, what I like and what I don't like.

6. I blog because I love to share with others.

7. I read blogs and write a blog for a sense of community. Before blogging was a part of my life, I struggled so much with a profound feeling of loneliness and isolation. As a stay at home mother, I often felt a disconnect with other adult voices. I've now been able to feel such connection to others, especially women whose lives are similar to mine. There's been a feeling of "I'm really not alone in feeling this way". Despite differences in geography and lifestyle, friendships have been formed. It's such a cool thing to know that it really is a small world after all. I've benefited so much from seeing and understanding other's viewpoints, perspectives, and life experience. I've learned so much from these sweet people. I've gleaned so many good ideas to help me in my role as a manager in my home and home educator. They've provided inspiration in my varied interests in health, creativity, and my understanding of culture.

8. One of the most important things about keeping a blog is how it's given me a concrete avenue for creative expression. It's helped me conquer my fear of writing which has always been a challenge for me. It's hard for me to express myself, whether I'm talking or writing. When I'm going through the writing process, it's like I'm wrestling a bear. It's hard and incredibly challenging. Then, when I'm finished, I get a huge feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Something that I've always hated is now becoming a thing of joy; something I look forward to every day and can't imagine living without. I'm finding so much happiness in capturing my world with my camera. I want to pursue this talent even more.

9. I blog as a means of communication with extended family and others who care for me and my family. To let them know (maybe more than they really care to know) what we're up to and what's going on in our lives.

10. I'll be completely honest here with this one. I wince when I way this, but I blog as a way to be recognized and validated.


  1. all excellent reasons. Blogging is a strange thing. a good thing though too!

  2. I am glad you blog! It allows me to visit you more often and more extensively and it is always good to visit with a friend. It's inspires me and gives me joy which is a heavenly freebee!
    Validation is an earnest desire of any human being - Heavenly Father knows that and he accerts it to us throughout the scriptures - stop kringe about that, dear friend!

  3. :) This is great. Helps me to see lots of motivations that I can relate to (ALL of them!), but wouldn't have necessarily thought of. And I love that you went ahead and shared #10 - makes me smile, and know that you're being real. ;-) <3 ya!

  4. I am so glad you blog! It inspires me in so many ways! You are such a talented and accomplished lady and I appreciate your willingness to share with others!

  5. I sure enjoy reading your blog! It's a wonderful hobby. I blog for many of the same reasons.