Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Week at Our House Part 1

I thought it would be nice to share some of our Easter and springtime traditions with you today. This post was pulled from my Blue House Blessings archives and I thought it would be something worth repeating as we begin planning our Easter celebrations. We are Christians, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (sometimes referred to as Mormons or LDS) and some of our resources are more specified to our church membership. It's my hope that there might be something I'm sharing that can be added to your own family's tradition, whichever religious leaning you come from. I, myself, love learning and gleaning from so many of you. I love and appreciate all of it!
Happy Easter Week you to all! We've been busy around here, making preparations, making memories, and making this a special time of remembering the life and mission of Jesus. From now until Sunday, I will be sharing with you some of the traditions and fun going on in the Blue House. In the last few years, I've tried to make Easter more meaningful than just having the kids get an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny. I believe this is the one holiday that should mean the most to Christians. I've found that it does take effort and planning to make it all happen. I hope that my children will associate the word "Easter" with Christ in their minds, and not just chocolate rabbits and jellybeans. I found this wonderful resource last year at Deseret Book, and I was so grateful for the ideas and ways I could make all of this come together.

Springtime brings new birth. The resting earth awakens from it's slumber. Just look out the window. Flowers and trees are blooming, baby animals being born, and the dead grass comes back to life. All nature seems to be testifying of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of the Savior.

A fun project that gets us into the planting mood even before we can head out to the garden is planting a "living Easter basket". Here, I lined a basket with plastic wrap and filled it with moistened potting soil. Then the children sprinkled on some wheat that we have in a bucket in the kitchen.

Scattering the wheat berries

Isaac does a good job patting the seeds in.

Now we need a little water. We'll spray our little garden every day.

Look what's popped up in one week's time. Isn't it beautiful?

The Easter nature table

Our Easter Banner

This afternoon, the children and I had a fun time making animal sculptures out of bread dough.

Aren't these hedgehogs cute?

"Here comes Peter Cottontail..."

Thursday is a special day during Easter week. It was the day of the Last Supper. We remembered the Savior today by having a "Jerusalem dinner". I pulled out the tablecloth from India, all the pottery in the cupboards, and candlelight for some ambiance. This was our menu:

Grape juice

Broiled white fish with lemon and olive oil

Lentil stew

Flatbread Tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad





Almonds and Dates for dessert

After dinner, we had a special lesson about the Last Supper and the Savior's experience in the Garden. We started by singing "Jesus of Nazareth". Then we looked at some pictures in the Gospel Art Kit and read some scriptures. I also found this book last year and it brought a nice spirit to our discussion. We finished by singing "We'll Sing All Hail to Jesus' Name" and posted the pictures on our kitchen door to look at throughout the week.

We started this time line display of the last week of Christ's life on Palm Sunday. We each traced our hands for palm fronds and talked about what the word "Hosanna" means and how we as individuals worship and show honor to the Savior. A very nice visual to have in our home during the Easter season.


  1. Thanks for the ideas. I use the same Easter week book, but you look like you have figured out great ways to implement everything.

  2. Love everything! I haven't got that ambitious yet so it is really good to have the inspiration! I just take very long walks and take the time to ponder more really yearning for a morsel of added understanding of the Savior's love anf sacrifice. I get a special basket to be handed out (rest home, development center) Love the Palm tree idea.