Friday, April 8, 2011

Gratitude Friday

Keith called me from work one afternoon last week.

He wanted to tell me that because of having worked at his company now for a number of years, they wanted to acknowledge it by giving him a gift card to Amazon.

That's nice, I told him. Nice that he has a job with rewards like that.

The next thing he said was, "I want to use this to go towards a nice camera for you."

You don't have to do that for me Keith, I say. I'm sure there are things you'd like to get for yourself. Things that we could all use. A fancy camera isn't something I need. We'll talk about it later.

He's insisting.

He firmly says that this is what would make him the happiest. That there really isn't anything he wants or needs. That my happiness is his happiness.

This man is so good to me.

He doesn't buy anything, really, for himself. (Just the other day, he wanted to see if it was okay for him to get some new shoes, as his are wearing out.)

He doesn't really have any hobbies.

All his time is spent with us.

And keeping up with the laundry. He took over the job.

He's so patient with us all.

He's my greatest supporter.

He dutifully provides for our family. Temporally as well as spiritually.

He compassionately listens to my sob stories.

He appreciates the food I put on the table. Tofu even.

He likes chick flicks as much as I do. (We're going to see the new Jane Eyre movie tonight!!)

He puts other's needs before his own.

This camera business proves it.


  1. ah, very nice indeed!

  2. Love this post. What a great such a deserving wife and mother. I just love your family :)

  3. Accept his gift! Honor his love to you! We are made for each other indeed! Keith has so many virtues and so do you! Take many pictures of yourselves together! xoxos!

  4. I meant you are made for each other!

  5. <3 *melt* :D So happy for both of you. Beautiful.