Monday, April 4, 2011

Gratitude Monday

Join me, this week, as I search for, find, and express the joys, the gifts, and the grace in the every day moments in my life. I'm finding out, more and more, that gratitude is the key to happiness and contentment. Today's list is actually my notes from yesterday, as will be the case for the subsiquent days.

~giving myself permission to wear my comfy and cozy flannel nightgown all day long.

~putting forth the effort to make those traditional cinnamon rolls (with that cozy cinnamon-y warm smell) to welcome them all home and out of the snow.

~to agree with Isaac that the popping sound eggs make when they are frying is a very happy sound indeed.

~sinking my head into the softness and comfort of the down pillows on the bed.

~ for Keith reaching out his hand across the bed in search of mine.

~kissing the smooth, rounded head ("the globe of knowledge and wisdom") of a sweet little son.

~hearing him earnestly and innocently ask me where I thought the "other creatures" like the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny (not including Santa. That one's a no brainer.) live. We decided that perhaps this is a mystery that will probably remain unsolved. But wouldn't it be special to personally be invited by Santa to visit his home in the North Pole?

~listening to the sound of happy, pleasant teenage conversation down below.

~hot tears brimming these eyes. Not tears of sadness or grief or pain. More like those of a welcoming rain to a parched and thirsty soil-soul.