Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jane's California Adventure, Our "Stay-cation", And Weekending, Too!

Jane had a ball in California. Her school's orchestra and choir were invited to perform at Disneyland. They left last Friday and got back late, late Wednesday night. The weather was beautiful. She hung out with a nice group of girls, including the Brand family. Mom and Dad Brand were chaperons (she's Isaac's Montessori teacher,too.) who tagged along with their two sons and two daughters who are Jane's good friends and also attend the school. They are a great family and I'm glad that they were so kind to include Jane in everything that they did. Before they hit Disneyland, they were able to go to the Holocaust Museum there in Los Angeles. I'm so happy that Jane was able to do that. They walked along the beach at sunset. (This picture isn't in order.)
A visit to the LA downtown Farmer's Market. Jane said, "You would have loved that, Mom." Lots of unique produce, interesting people to see, the cutest baby goat to pet, and raw milk that Mrs. Brand bought for everyone to taste.

Downtown Hollywood wasn't much to write home about, she said.

The remainder of the time was spent at Disneyland and the Disney California Adventure Park. Wow, three whole days to explore and go on ride, after ride, after ride. They even got to go behind the scenes a bit for their performance times. Lots of hidden underground tunnels. Also a recording session and music play time with one of the Disney movie composers.

What a neat experience.

Chip and Dale were the only guys Jane had a chance to get with up close and personal.

The girlfriends, a little nervous before going on the "Towah of Tewuh" (Tower of Terror: this pronunciation is an inside family joke.)

She knew we (especially Isaac) would get a kick out of the green army men guys from Toy Story.

We had our own little getaway "Stay-cation" on Thursday and Friday. Since Jane was invited to participate in the university (where she'll be attending this fall) Language Fair on Friday, we thought it would be nice to stay in a semi-local hotel overnight, just spending some time together as a family, relaxing and seeing what we could do for fun at the University.

We played a game of Clue, went to eat dinner at the dorms where Gary lived when he was a student there, watched a show on the History channel (we don't have cable- that was a treat) about a Bigfoot investigation, and let the kids swim in the hotel pool.

The next morning at the fair, Jane performed her classical Chinese violin peace: The Butterfly Lovers Concerto. She received the gold medal/1st prize in the talent portion of the competition. It was fun to see all the other cultural displays and performances. Also neat for Jane to find out more about her major and university programs/ study abroad opportunities.

A walking trek across campus and then lunch at the Creamery. Always a hit. (Although the look on Sam's face doesn't do the overall joy justice.) Golf cart tour of the campus with Gary's cute and super friendly roommate who works for the Hosting Center. Fun to check out the dorm where Jane will be residing come September. (Sob...)

Got home, took naps, and then hit a local theater production of Hairspray, thanks to our generously kind friend, Carine.


~a 7-8 mile run this morning for me. Again, it was flow and ease. So surprised even with a monster hill. (Yeah. I'm getting back into my groove, friends.)

~prom dress shopping. Glad Jane is easy to please and immediately found what she wanted. Whew. Pictures to come forthwith after Prom in two weeks.

~lunch and library stop.

~cookies just coming out of the oven.

~Little Rascals movies going on downstairs with the kiddies.

~need to get outside to get the garden ready to plant. Need some motivation. Help, too.

~heading up to see Keith's family tomorrow after church. His sister Kara and kids are here visiting from California.

Hope you liked hearing about our spring break. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, too, wherever you are!

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  1. wow. sounds like a lot of fun for everyone!!

  2. Packed with fun and good memories - I am glad you guys had a chance to take a break! I can help with the garden when you feel like it! I hear most of the farmers where delaying planting because of prolonged period of cold temps and level of moisture this year - Still in time!
    Hurray for Jane!

  3. Emily, love hearing about your spring break. Your Jane is sure beautiful :) Where will she be going to school? Check out our blog at