Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I don't remember having such a wet spring. The rain just doesn't want to quit. Now, as I write, it's snowing. The sun stays hidden much of the time behind gray skies and it's still chilly enough for winter coats. Our community is on stand- by for flooding. Sandbags are waiting to be filled.

I thought I'd sneak in a run yesterday after picking up Jane from an after school class and taking her to her tutoring job. The skies looked very forboding, but I knew it would be now or never. Fifteen minutes into the run, the rain started. It wasn't pouring, but it wasn't a drizzle, either. I found it invigorating, thrilling, and kind of fun all at the same time. By the end of the hour, the sun was shining and everything was beautiful and fresh.

Gardening? Forget it. It's been hard to find an empty time for Keith to go out and till. The weather and water logged soil really hasn't made it possible. I don't think I've ever been this late. In spite of all this dismal weather, I'm just loving the "popping outs" that comes with this wonderful springtime. Tulips are starting to bloom. The fruit tree's frothy sprays of blossoms (I'm in love with the pinks.), the brilliant blue of the tiny grape hyacinths...

On another note: There's been some hobbling going on here at home these last few days. Keith hurt his back on Friday (just bending over) and he's been dealing with quite a lot of pain since then. Hard to get into seated and then move to standing position. He has degenerative disk disease. It's been a big challenge for him all of our married life. He's already been through two back surgeries. We're praying that this latest problem doesn't lead to another. He knows this will inevitably be part of his future, though.

When we gave Lucy her haircut on Sunday, her back leg must have gotten hurt in some way, probably from her being held down and in the same position for so long. The poor girl can hardly walk. Keith accidentally cut her front leg, totally traumatizing them both. She's been laying low. The cut is healing, and we're concerned about her not walking.

I've been feeling pretty melancholy-ish this past week. Not major depressed, more introspectivly quiet, emotional, and funk-like. Saturday's and yesterday's run did me good, I think. Trying to see beauty and promise and hope in these not so sunny days. Seeing my life through the lens of gratitude... well, that's been so very helpful.

Guess what?

I look out the window just now and see that the clouds have broken and the sun is out. Maybe for just a little while, but still, it's a joyful thing just the same. A lot like life, don't you think?


  1. Yes, that is a lot like life. =) I guess the those not-so-up times provide great contrast, by which we more fully appreciate the up times. *hugs*

  2. agree with the melancholy-ish. it's the weather. trying to focus on the gratitude myself. no glimpse of sun here today but i am hopeful :)

  3. I love your thoughts on trying to see the beauty/promise and hope in these not so sunny days! It's so true that the weather determines our moods and emotional state. I am trying to put a Relief Society lesson together for this Sunday on that exact advice! Thanks for sharing how you feel...I feel the same way! :)