Sunday, May 1, 2011

bucket fillers

My, it's been a full weekend. Filling my bucket to the brim with goodness. What was sought, was found. That and more.


~headed to the conference. Since I was visiting the campus where I attended college 20 years ago, I thought I'd do some research about completing my education sometime in the future. I got a copy of my transcript. Also took some time to get information on independent study, degree and program options I'm considering. Came to the conclusion that for the next few years, I might possibly squeeze in one or two independent study classes a year that I can work on at home. Would really like to complete my education, but not sure how I can pay for this while providing for the kid's college and missions at the same time. Also don't want to take my focus and energies off the needs of my children still at home. Kind of a dilemma and I'm still trying to figure out the answers.

~attended classes such as "Rising Above Depression", "Choosing Joy", and "Education: Latchkey to Success". Very inspiring and thought provoking.

~navigated the sea of women everywhere I went. The energy of all those beautiful ladies was electric, I tell you.

~participated in a "Night of Service". That was really fun. Here's some numbers of just a few of the completed projects: 34,315 humanitarian newborn, school, and hygiene kits, 1,020 fleece blankets for children, 5,219 newborn caps, 277 children's Christmas stockings, 355 stuffed toy caterpillars for autistic children. That's one of the things that I chose to work on. (see above)

~gleaned lots of ideas for my family from the Sharing Station booths.

~decided to call it a day (my feet said enough) and drove to the Sleep Inn. Crashed on the bed and watched Michael Scott's last Office appearance. Sniff... Felt like a lady of leisure alone in that hotel room. Just me, the remote, my books, my thoughts, and that bed. That was nice, I'm telling you.


~headed back to the conference. Loved hearing Sister Beck's (general Relief Society president for the church) powerful opening session remarks.

~browsed the bookstore after missing my first class. Oh, well.

~sessions included "He Has Born Our Griefs and Carried Our Sorrows: The Power of the Atonement" and "Gathering in the Kitchen: Healthy Eating and Happy Memories". So nourishing.

~traffic congestion like no other. Stopped at the mall to pick up Jane's prom dress.

~welcomed home to sweet,"we sure missed you, Mom" family. Heard all about Isaac and dad's fun field trip outing.

~sat down with Gary at the computer and watched a BBC rebroadcast of the entire royal wedding proceedings. (He's a hard core Anglophile, too. Stayed up from 1 am to 6 am watching all the coverage. How cute is that.) God Save the Queen...


~woke up to behold this wonder. Oh. My. Gosh.

~the roads weren't packed and it was actually not very cold. Headed out to run 12 or so miles (2 hours.) Longest I've ran since my marathon last May. Felt great.

~took Jane to her state solo and ensemble violin competition. Grocery shopping, hair up-do appointment for her, as well.

~sent Strom and Jane off. Don't they look cute together?

~date night with Keith. Went out for Peruvian food (we get the same thing every time. The vegetarian adaptation was yum-o.) and saw a late night showing of this (PG 13 version) inspirational movie. So glad we saw this. Can't get enough of all this royal stuff, don't you know.


  1. Too funny we had a British/UK inspired entertainment weekend also. Watched the R version of King's Speech for our at home date night on Thursday. A bit of swear words don't bother me. Was by far the tamest (of the few) R rated movies I've seen. We'd even let our kids see it and just skip over that 30 second scene.

    Anyway... back to the British. Friday am the kids got up early to watch the wedding. I watched the highlights later on YouTube. Friday night family movie was Stone of Destiny about the '50s Scottish heist of a special stone from Westminster Abbey. True story.

    Yesterday the kids watched Wallace & Grommit. Wow, lots of computer monitor entertainment this weekend. Did go hiking all day though so we didn't spend the whole weekend watching a screen!

  2. Good. Well spent time! Jane looks wonderful!
    Oh, I miss that episode of The Office! I might be able to see it on Alan's computor- he is a faithful follower of it!
    Love those caterpillars!