Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 Day Juice Cleanse~ A (Up Close and Personal) Report

At the get go, I just want to let you know that this might be a little TMI (too much information) for some of you. I debated whether to blog about this, but I really think it might be helpful and insightful for some of you. A lot of us have heard of or experienced some sort of detox or cleanse and I'm going to go ahead and report on how my experience has been.

I've been going through this sort of thing (day to day) since the fall when I started drinking green smoothies. As I was getting all those cleansing fruits and detoxifying greens in me, I went through what you would call a "healing crisis". I felt ill. My body ached. My head hurt. I felt weak. These are all signs that toxins and poisons are being released from the cells faster than the body can dispose them. (Like when you are sweeping up a room and the clouds of dust and dirt get kicked up in the air.) This process can range from mild to severe with varying lengths of time for this to occur. I went through something similar in March when I went off dairy, meat, and eggs and at the same time, upped my plant food intake. After the crisis, I've felt better than I ever, feel so much lighter, my skin seems clearer and more radiant, and I just seem to crave nutrient dense foods and health. 

I've been studying a book Gary gave me for my birthday called Herbal Home Health Care by Dr. John Christopher. It's been fascinating to me and I've gleaned so many ways that I can proactively care for my family's common ailments and health concerns. Cleansing the body from the inside out, according to him, is the foundation of health:

"The body is like a river which should flow freely. Dr. Christopher believed that all forms of disease came from some type of blockage. He taught that healing began with cleansing the body first. Once the body is cleansed it will be able to absorb the nutrients found in the whole foods and herbs."

" Supreme cleanliness is the first step toward a healthy body. Any accumulation or retention of morbid matter or waste of any kind within us will retard our progress towards recovery. The natural eliminative channels are the lungs, the pores of the skin, the kidneys, and the bowels.
The retention of body waste has an insidious effect on our health than is generally suspected, and its elimination is one of the first steps toward perceptible progress. "
(from Dr.

That makes sense to me.

He outlines a 3 Day Juice intensive cleansing process in the book. I was curious to try it, knowing that this week would be a perfect time. I wanted to give my body a resting time, after running the Ragnar last weekend. (That means no running for most of this week.) I knew I could stay home, having no outside obligations. It would be good to do this preceding our family vacation and all the other things we've got planned.

Here's what to have on hand:
2 quarts prune juice
9 ounces extra virgin olive oil (used for lubricating liver and bile ducts. Helps things pass easier.)
3 gallons apple, carrot, citrus, or grape juice
3 gallons distilled water

Time Schedule and Procedure:
the night before, I took 2 capsules of Dr. Christopher's Quick Colon Cleanse (Part 1) to get things going the next morning
7:30 am- 16 oz. prune juice mixed with 1-2 T. olive oil
8:00 am- 8 oz. or more cleansing juice
8:30 am- 8 oz. or more distilled water
9:00 am- 8 oz. or more juice
9:30 am- 8 oz. or more water
Continuing to alternate juice and water every half hour until noon.
12:00 pm- 8 oz. or more juice mixed with 1-2 T. olive oil
Continuing to alternate juice and water every half hour until 5:00pm
5:00 pm- 8 oz. or more juice mixed with 1-2 T. olive oil
Continuing alternating juice and water every half hour until early evening.
8:00 pm- 8 oz. water every hour until bedtime.

Things to remember:
~use only one juice for the entire three days.
~use only fruit juices, not vegetable juices. When I asked about this, I was told that fruit juices cleanse, where as vegetable juices build and heal.
~juice and water only. Don't eat anything else. If you're really hungry, at the end of the day you may eat the matching whole fruit as the juice (apples with apple juice, etc.)
~chew your juice. Swish around each mouthful, as to start the digestive procedure first with saliva.
~I found that I didn't make it all the way through the entire gallon of juice and gallon of water, even when following the schedule.
~find 3 days when you can be free to stay home. (Or near a bathroom!) To stay quiet; to rest. Really a must.
~this is a 3 day house cleaning period. Try to make work for the entire period.
~once the 3 days are completed, ease back into solid foods with raw plant and other non-mucus foods that are easily digested.

My Observations:

Day 1: (Tuesday)
~I warmed the prune juice and olive oil to get things rolling along. Disgusted look on my face. 
~Things started to let loose like gangbusters around 9:00. Be aware that I'll need to be near a bathroom at all times! Like every half hour. Bowels are cleaning.
~Feeling sicker, achier, bloated, head is kind of pounding, eyes feel like I have a fever. Feeling weaker, especially as I've been trying to weed the garden in the sun. A little nauseated around noon. 
~1:00 the nausea is super intense. I need to lay down and focus.
~Really not sure (almost positive) that I can't do this.
~Rush to throw up. Violently gushing abundant amount. First time in 7 and a half years. 
~I feel so much better.
~late afternoon bowel movement amazing discovery. I flushed around 7 marble and gravel sized bright, dark lime green "rocks". These are floating. Never in my life seen any thing like this. Grabbed a disposable fork and knife and cut into one. Total wax and hard, like soft candle wax. Do Google searches and find out that these are coagulated, waxy cholesterol accumulations from liver and gallbladder, infused (the green color) with bile. These deposits, or early gallstones, clog the liver bile ducts. This is so interesting to me. I can't believe these are inside me. Whoa.
~after that "release", I feel sort of a "shift". I feel an amazing surge of energy.
~Can't believe I'm not even hungry.
~ still feeling a little achy through the night and have to get up about 3 times.

Day 2: (Wednesday)

~woke up with crusty eyes and a white coated tongue. Mucus is being released.
~The achy, sick feeling is subsiding.
~Not as nauseated. The apple juice is going down easier.
~Really can't believe how much energy I feel. I'm amazed. I find myself raring to go. Did about 7 loads of laundry. (and folded) Now, that's a feat around here.
~Still needing to stay near the bathroom at all times. Not feeling sick to my stomach, though. Just drink it in and let it all out. This is easier than I thought. I am getting a little tired of apple juice, though.
~No desire for food. Just not hungry. Amazing.
~Tired in late afternoon. Lay down and read. Jane offered to make dinner. Ready to get to bed at 8:00.
~Noticing the map- like patches on my tongue. Showed the family. All amazed. Found out with Google research that the area on the sides of my tongue which correspond with the liver and gallbladder, are totally pink and clear. The rest of the tongue white and almost furry. I use my tongue scrapper to help clean it up.

Day 3 (Thursday)

~Wake up with a little nasal congestion. More mucus.
~Less and less achy.
~Start breakfast and laundry. Energy is flowing still.
~More green stones, bile, mucus, and fatty oils being flushed out. Gross, but nice to know they are getting OUT.
~Seems like all I'm doing is drinking and using the bathroom. In and out. Keep having to look at my watch and remember what's next.
~This is really easier than I thought it would be. Feeling positive and brighter outlook on everything.
~Feel like I'm not as bloated. I think I've lost a few pounds. My stomach is flatter. Tried on some pants and a skirt (that was a little tight) to gauge. Yes, I'm right. Hurray!!
~Decide that it would be good to do this 3 day cleanse every quarter, or at least twice a year to keep things flushed, unclogged, and free. Any type of fasting is good for the body, giving the digestive tract a time to rest and eliminate accumulated waste and toxins. 
~talked on the phone to Gary and then my mom and dad about my "findings". They are intrigued and call back to check on my progress. Everyone agrees that it's good to clean. Dad reminds me of John Wayne's notorious (urban legend, I'm thinking) impacted bowels. Mom says she thinks this sounds like a good idea, but is nervous that she wouldn't be able to make it.

Well friends, I hope this information and detailed observation of mine has been helpful to anyone considering this type of thing. Even if one doesn't go all the way towards a mucus-free, plant based diet,  or undergoes and extensive cleansing period like I've done, I think anything we do (in moderation, with careful study and self-evaluation) to keep our bodies clean and pure is a good thing.

Best wishes for your own health journey !


  1. Interessting! It seems a little extreme for my life! I probably need something more easy into longer period! I feel like I couldn't afford feeling that way for 3 days with the things I have to attend to! Maybe what I really need is to adapt my brain! There nothing wrong with a clean system! Good luck!

  2. Fascinating! Good for you, taking care of yourself! =) It's been a long time since I've done a cleanse - you've got me thinking!

  3. very interesting to say the least!

  4. I think I want to do this next week when my life calms down a bit. I totally trust you on this. I am back on the vegan, GF wagon, but I feel like I need to cleanse out my system a bit too. I appreciate your candidness. (Is that a word?)

  5. So funny you posted this in your blog.... Before I looked in FB tonight I was looking for details on how to do a cleansing.
    Thank you

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