Saturday, June 11, 2011

Celebrating with Jane

I'm pooped. Glad to sit down, finally. Woke up and got ready to head out the door for a long run. Made sure Sam was up, as he was taking the ACT this morning. His first try. My dad and brother were picking up Gary and Isaac early, too, to take a load of furniture down to Plinio's cabin. The boys were were glad to tag along. Keith headed out at 6:30 am to the church to set up tables, as our congregation was having a breakfast preceding a "day of service". (I'll explain in a minute.)

I had a good run. Ran two hours, probably close to 11 or 12 miles. Liked the route because of the hill- work challenges. Anyway, I came home, drank a can of coconut water, changed into my grubs (too stinky and too late for the breakfast) and headed over to Sister Ackerman's house with Eliza to do some weeding. We had a good sized group. We had people all over the neighborhood doing stuff. Really, such a good feeling of community and neighborliness. Things are really looking good around here, I can tell you that. I'm sure those we've helped really were touched and gratefully received the helping hands.

I really should do something else today. Like clean my closet that is a disaster. Or organize the storage room; another disaster. What really sounds good is a NAP...

Okay, what I really wanted to write about today was Jane's birthday yesterday. We gathered and sang "Happy Birthday" to wake her up. (No surprise there, she wakes up early like me.) Corn Chex was her breakfast of choice. Did some work around the house, including making the strawberry-blueberry pies we'd have for later.

When asked what she wanted for her gifts, she said all she wanted was to spend the day with me. And also do a little shopping. Yeah. Especially when all she's been wearing for the last 6 years of her life are school uniforms. She needed some new duds, with college approaching soon.
Mazza, a Middle Eastern restaurant sounded good. Gary has been on me to try it out.

Yum-o. Lots of vegan offerings to choose from. Since I wanted to try as much as I possibly could, (and be a pig) and share with Jane, I opted for the sampler plate. Warm pita, smooth garlicky hummus, Fatoosh (green salad with pita crisps), Ful (garbanzo-fava dish), Loobia (spicy tomato green beans). Jane had a chicken Shwarma sandwich that she loved. If that sounds good and you are in the Salt Lake area, check it out!

Next, we headed up to the outlet shops in Park City. Sometimes you can find good deal-ios and sometimes you can't. We definitely scored. Here's what: 2 pairs of JCrew pants for $19.00, 2 Gap pants for $9 a piece. 3 shirts for under $10.00 a piece. We left very satisfied, I tell you.

It was just so fun to be together. We did a lot of talking. A really nice, warm feeling. Something bonding and memorable to share together.

We headed home. She wanted a meal at home. Said she felt like a good stir-fry. That's what we had, plus some eggrolls. And of course, that pie.

All in all, a very special way to celebrate 18 years.

Happy Weekend, everybody!

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  1. The restaurant sounds great! The deals were worthy of a trip to PC. The pie looks perfect - love pies for b-days! Your Saturday looks well spent(I am glad your are back to long distances! So inspiring! HAVE THAT NAP!