Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay 2011

Our weekend Ragar Relay is now a memory. And what an adventure it was.

My sister Felicia called me the morning before. She'd been having some trouble with her leg, and it progressively had gotten worse. To the point where she could hardly walk. She was so disappointed, as this would have been her 5th Ragnar. (She would have gotten her commemorative hoodie.) She asked if I could help her find someone to take her place. I scrambled. She asked if I thought Jane would do it. (Yes, Jane runs. She was on her cross-country team last spring before she broke her back and took a running/yoga class this past semester. It's helped a lot in her recovery and pain.) Jane said she was scared. I called a few friends with no luck. Jane looked at me meekly and said she'd try. She'd go for it.

Having her do this with me made it so special. Really, such a good bonding, memory making time for both of us. She learned so much. (We both did, actually.) Here's what:

1. We can do hard things. Things we think we can't do or that might seem impossible. We can step out of our comfort zones. Things like running up tough hills. Things like running down a mountain. Things like running mile after mile (3 times, actually) on no sleep. Things like running in the dark, in the middle of the night. Things like smelling bad smells in really tight vicinities. Things like having to use beyond gross, pee on the floor port-a-potties. Things like changing out of wet clothes in a Suburban in broad day light with 5 others sitting right next to you. Or on the crowded award field with other team members huddled around you to shield your modesty. Things like trying to sleep for a couple of hours on a dirty gym floor in a sleeping bag and no pad underneath you, crowded like sardines with hundreds of other runners and two old men snoring their guts out next to you.

2. That women are tough.They are strong. They are determined. They are amazing. Young college age cuties as well as the seasoned gray haired grandmas. You get a lot of inspiration from these types of women. They can become great role-models and examples in all of life's challenges. Not just the running.

3. We need each other. People can and will be there to encourage you. Strangers will cheer for you. They'll wave to you. They'll honk at you and ring cow bells and blare horns at you. They'll run with you, if you are blind. They'll give you a neck rub if you have a really bad head-ache. They'll put up a shower-hose in their yard to cool down runners passing by, even hand you a free water bottle, too. They'll overlook and understand when you are physically exhausted and sleep deprived and ornery. They'll share their food with you. They'll open their homes for you to shower or take a nap. They'll understand and support you and not put pressure on you if you need to walk. It's all good.

That's what running the Ragnar means.

We can do this.

Team "Scrambled Legs and Achin'". Strong women are we.

Run, Jane, Run.

My favorite decorated van: The Einstein Runners. Not sure what the tie in has to do with running, but it was awesome anyway. Don't you love the little touch of the pencil behind the "ear"?

Each runner on the team was decked out in lab coats and goofy scientist glasses. The spiky things (if you're wondering) are Einstein-ish gray-sticky-upy hair. Don't you love the pocket protector with pencils?

Now that's what we're talkin' about...

Chilin' and eatin' and sleepin' when we're not on the road (the other van is doing the running.)

Jane's trying desperately to catch some zzzs

An oh so familiar sight. Ragnar wouldn't be Ragnar without these (stinky, beyond gross) puppies. Glad they are there when you need them.

In all my glory. Just finishing up my last 4 miler-down a mountain leg.

The runner's high. It's real.

Van 1 women rock.

Our legs are scrambled and our bodies and achin', but we're all smiles.


  1. You are all amazing. It's my dream to run ragnar someday. I just don't know how you find a team and get started. I have been reading your blog now for some time Emily and hope you don't mind me blog stalking. I was in your ward when I was in high school. My parents are Del Ray and Rose Marie. I'm sure you remember my funny mom.

    I'm so inspired by so many things you share on your blog and appreciate being able to read and glean from it. You are an amazing woman yourself!

  2. oh, that looks like so much fun! You look great. I did one of those but many years ago like - before kids long ago. Good times doing it with your daughter too :)

  3. So glad you get to this! Well worth it!