Monday, August 15, 2011

after the storm

We had quite the storm last night. After getting awakened by all that wind, finally getting up and closing the window from the incessant snapping sound of the window shade, I was amazed when I looked up at the green glow of the clock and saw that it was only just after midnight. Felt like I had been asleep for hours and hours. That was all right, though. One of the my favorite things about thunderstorms is the security I feel snuggled down in my covers. Safe in the coziness of my very own house. Loving the sound the rain makes as it falls on the rooftop and against the windowpane.

There is another side to this, though. As is the case whenever there is a storm, Lucy, our dog, goes nuts. She almost always sleeps on the floor next to my side of the bed, and whenever the wind starts howling and the thunder starts to roll, she runs back and forth in a frenzy between me and Keith, crying and whining, paws up on the bed. We try to ignore her. We try to reassure her. We tell her to get down. Impossible to get any sleep.

As the storm progressed in its fury, huge claps of thunder seeming to shake the house, blue light flashing from the window- I could see it even with my eyes closed- Keith decided it was enough. He kindly took her out of the room, closed the door, and led her downstairs. All so I could sleep.

I woke up this morning, surprised that it was after 6 (and I was still so sound asleep) and still fairly dark outside. I realized that Keith never made it back to bed. Lucy, however, did make it back to her favorite sleeping spot. I crept downstairs and smiled to myself, seeing Keith spread out all over the couch, the kitchen chairs pulled up next to him as a barrier from our neurotic dog.

Went out to survey any damage. The porch swing all a mangle of bars and whipped off canopy. Table cloths and Saturday's swim party towels all strewn about, sopping on the floor. One of my ferns blown off the eaves. One of the van windows left open all night long. Still don't know how wet the seats got.

But when I walked across the lawn to the garden- yes, I was barefoot and boy did it feel nice-  everything so vibrantly green and fresh. Washed clean, it seemed. The cabbages split overnight by all the moisture.

Water droplets clinging like little jewels as the sun shined on. Beauty all around me.


Don't you just love the peacefulness, the quiet settling that comes after a storm?

I do.

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  1. we had storms like that growing up in Michigan. Nothing here though. That was quite a storm though for you. Glad there wasn't more damage. Have a good day!