Friday, August 19, 2011

Jane's Solo Trip With Dad: A "Leaving Home and Going Away to College" Tradition

Keith is such a great dad. Before Gary left for college, he decided to make it a tradition to take him, as well as the rest of the other children when they head off, on a "just with dad", weekend excursion. Their experience together was so enjoyable and memorable, he knew he had to make it a priority for this time to happen for each of our children. It's not very often that kids get to spend all this focused one-on-one time with a loving, attentive father. I'm so glad he's the kind of dad that would do this. 

This is a little glimpse of Jane's trip with her dad. They decided to head down to lovely Moab, Utah, a three and a half hour drive from our house. They had originally wanted to stay for two days, but Jane's new job cut the trip a night shorter. Even though it was shorter than they wanted it to be, it was still such a special experience for both of them. They got home a couple of hours ago, sunburned, smiling, and happy.

They decided to stay in a cozy little cabin located in a campground right in Moab. This morning they thought it would be fun to ride horses together. They both loved that. They both couldn't get over how sweet and gentle those horses were.

Next, they hiked up to nearby Delicate Arch. So cool to see these Native American petroglyphs just off the side of the trail.

Seems like you're on a different planet, doesn't it? Something about this picture reminds me of Star Wars.

Seeing this familiar Utah landmark is such a different experience in real life. So unbelievably awesome.

Jane said she felt like she was in a different country. (a different planet, too!) She and Keith were both amazed at how many foreign visitors there were. Asians, Belgians, Italians, Germans, Dutch, and a very friendly young man from Philadelphia touring all over America. All of them marveling at this strange, yet beautiful terrain. And to think that this amazing variety of nature is actually in our own "backyard". (A note: if any of you ever want to make a trip out to Utah, you will not only be richly rewarded with lots of scenic pleasures, but you may get to meet me and that would be so fun!!)

I'm so glad Jane and her dad got to spend this time together. To share an experience in nature (these settings almost always get planted firmly in our memories, don't you think?), to talk, to plan, to hike and explore, to bond. 

A father's love and undivided, special attention. What a gift.


  1. Looks like they had a fabulous experience! I love it! :D

  2. Such a great thing to do together!