Saturday, August 20, 2011


:: Harvested a cabbage as big as your head. And a whole lot of other stuff. Anybody need a cucumber?

:: Went to the store(s) so's I could fill the fridge.

:: Took the kids to the library and came home with these goodies for me.

:: Went to see Gary's new digs afterwards. Helped him carry some loads over from the old place to the new place. (Almost next door.)

:: Invited Gary to go eat at the Creamery.

:: Came home and watched one of these Chinese foreign films I had in my stack.

:: Heard all about Arches National Park.

:: Ran sweaty both mornings.

:: Wrote an article for the back of tomorrow's (church) Relief Society bulletin entitled "Thinking About School Lunches".

:: Took Jane (I hope for the last time) to Target. Also, more stuff for Sam.

:: Decided to center myself in the kitchen. Want to be all stocked for the coming week. A half gallon of fresh salsa made all from my garden.

:: Fixed up some offerings from my 30 Day Vegan workshop.
Thai Coleslaw

:: Jars of Black Bean Hummus and Hummus (the normal kind) to have at the ready for school lunchbox veggies.

:: Caramel Dipping Sauce made from cashews, dates, and maple syrup, etc. This is so good with sliced fruit.

:: Maple Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yes, these are vegan, too. Really good with a glass of cold almond milk.

:: Getting ready to head out the door with Keith for a night on the town.

Hoping your weekend is a happy one, friend!


  1. Made the Thai Coleslaw last week, it's fabulous! Your salsa looks delicious... my family would like 3 jars, please! ;) Hope you had an wonderful night on the town!

  2. Brace yourself for the "Road"! I have red some of those books, "Hardy" is soo sad!