Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Daybook for September 7, 2011

Outside my (car) window: I always look forward, come summer's end, to the return of this glorious field of sunflowers. A really happy view just before getting on the freeway. I just had to pull over this time.

I am thankful for: not sure if I can honestly say I'm thankful for this, but Eliza whacked 10 inches off her beautiful, long flowing mane of hair last night, donating it to Locks of Love. It was practically to her bum, it was that long. I took her to Great Clips and I thought she was getting a trim, maybe 4-5 inches off. I sat across the room and looked up from my book and about fell off my chair when I saw what was actually happening. My heart sank, I'm telling you. If I would have thought it was such a momentous occasion, I would have taken my camera. I'm trying to get used to it, I really am. I'm still in shock, but I told her that she'll always be beautiful in my eyes. That having long hair does not equate with beauty. And I should know.

I am thinking: about Jane's first official college date she told me about last night (on my cell phone! Yes, I'm actually using it.) A very friendly and nice 22 year old (I think) young man from Singapore (who attended an American school there and later served a 2 year mission for our church in Taiwan) befriended her in her honors biology class. Asked her to accompany him to Tuesday's religious campus devotional. They took a spin on his Vespa for a quick Mexican lunch. With her knockout looks, sweet personality, and Chinese major, how could he resist?

In the kitchen: for my lunch and last night's dinner, all food from the garden bounty. A cabbage (up to my eyeballs) slaw and a really good tomato basil soup. Put away two quarts to freeze and give later to the college girls.

I am creating: made some blackberry jam yesterday and that was fun. Unfortunately, as is often my luck, it didn't set up. Pancake syrup will still be good, though.

I am going: to head out the door in a minute to meet Keith at one of our church's Welfare Service canneries. We will spend a couple of hours helping to can food for needy individuals and families. All the products offered are farmed, harvested, produced,  by volunteer donation of time and money and love.

I am hearing: soundtrack to Remains of the Day (a favorite), Rolling Stone's Start Me Up, and The Cure's Close To Me.

I am hoping: that my kids can become all that they desire, all in their potential, that they can be happy and safe and good.

Around the house: laundry being caught up thanks to Keith's diligent, consistent efforts. Bathrooms are calling my name.

I am reading: still on my China kick. Just finished Adeline Yen Mah's heartbreaking memoir Falling Leaves. Probably start Tess of the d'Urbervilles since I bought it at the library for 50 cents. It's been a while since I've read it, and I know I'll like it again.

I am wearing: pink polo, jeans, leather loafers. Yes, I'm in the mood for long pants and real shoes. Fall's almost here, don't you know.

A few plans for the rest of the week: not much happening around these parts. Kind of a slow week, which I like, actually. I'll probably get the garden weeded and dig up some potatoes. Sam's going on a 50 mile hike this weekend with the scouts. Should be interesting.


  1. it is almost 90 here today! I am thinking your canning is going to be warm too. I am glad that you are having a good week. dating - i am certainly not ready for that!!

  2. Those sunflowers are glorious! I didn't know Eliza' hair got that short, she must look really cute! I told my bathrooms to forget my name! Rolling Stones? That will pick you up! Good luck to Sam!

  3. Thank you for taking part in the simple woman's daybook! Enjoyed reading!