Wednesday, September 14, 2011

happy list

~see this face? This is happiness right here. The sixth grade teacher at his new school grabbed me the other day at Costco and said how when she sees Isaac's sweet little face on the playground, she wants to run up and eat him. (I can so relate with her.) The school librarian also told me that she has to fight the urge to hug him when he comes in. She asked me "how can you say no to that child?" (I can't). He's my joy boy.

~listening to Chopin while doing the dishes

~for the crazy happiness I heard in Jane's voice when she recounted having been on Facebook chat the other night and having 3 young men all getting on to "converse" with her, plus another one texting her on her phone, all at the same time. We're talking for over an hour with all these guys. We laughed and laughed when she said that she felt like she "needed to cut and paste dialogue" between all four conversations. Then having her tell us about her going on a total of 4 dates (two in one day even) last week. So overwhelmed and taken by surprise by all this attention after only going on a handful of dance dates in high school.  I'm trying to get used to all this, but am happy that she's enjoying herself. (Isn't she just beautiful? No wonder...)

~feeling like doing a happy dance (literally) last night when Gary texted me (Keith got a hold of my phone and read it to me) and then called me later to again recount that he went out and bought himself some new running shoes. How he went on a run last night and loved the way it made him feel afterwards. He's never shown any interest in running and this caught me so off guard. I'm just so happy knowing that something might be rubbing off on my kids. Knowing that if Gary keeps it up, he'll be so benefited from this. Whoo hoo!!!

~seeing Eliza having the self confidence to run for vice president in her school.

~ hearing Sam's scout leader telling me on Saturday night how Sam was so positive and encouraging to the other boys who went on last weekend's 50 mile hike. How he was "sprinting", leading the way both physically, emotionally, and motivationally.


  1. your happy list is so great. I can almost see you smiling ear to ear from here :)

  2. I am so glad to see a happy list made of people you love and experiences rather than things! :D

  3. I like your happy list. I felt the same thing when meeting Isaac. I just wanted to eat him up.

    Go Gary!

    Go Jane! I know what you mean, Jane is very beautiful, in more than looks!