Friday, September 23, 2011

today, I...

Am loving this picture Gary took when he went on a canyon drive/hike the other day

:: woke up at 3:15 and couldn't go back to sleep so I fixed myself a bowl of leftover sticky brown rice (because I didn't eat dinner last night) and sat down at the computer to watch Tess of the D'Urbervilles (because I finished the book last night) movie clips on YouTube.

:: think I love and am attracted to beautifully depressing literature.

:: cried a lot. And not about the book.

:: realized that I've only ran one day this week.

:: enjoyed a cup of peppermint and red raspberry leaf tea instead.

:: ironed Isaac's clothes so he would look nice for his school picture.

:: heard a huge flock of geese honking outside my bedroom window. I wish I would have gotten off the bed to see them flying overhead. Happy Fall. (it's official today.)

:: will go to the airport in a little while with the kids to welcome my nephew home from his two year church mission.


  1. everything okay?

    hope you sleep well tonight :)

  2. I hope you doing well enough! I love classic literature but I do much better with vendicating endings of Austen, Dickens and Cadwell books. Tess is to depressing for me but I have to say is good. It's ok to have run only once, you're actived enough - accomplished much in my point of view! Saw the geese too - It's amazing how many lessons you learned about leadership in a geese flight formation! One of my favorite things to see - could spend hours doing it! Hurray for your nephew! Glad you're joining the celebration! Love you!

  3. What a beautiful photo! I wish I could be up there.

    A could cry can be cathartic. It seems to be a good week for those. ;)