Sunday, October 9, 2011

Daybook for October 9, 2011

Outside my window: The feeling in the air has definitely changed. Summer, officially, is a memory. Temperatures have dropped to the point of needing to turn on the furnace, the fireplace, the putting on of jackets and sweaters, and Friday morning's donning of winter running tights and gloves. It rained constantly last week in the valley, and the mountains are now covered in snow. Part of me likes the coziness of it all, but it seems a bit too abrupt of a change.

I am thankful for: the washing machine that has been my well used and sometimes taken for granted friend these almost twenty years now. It died on Saturday. It's been on it's way out. Keith, bless his heart, went and bought a fancy front loader (which is going to be a new experience) while I was out running errands. An unexpected expense, but glad to have it and glad we'll not be without a washer.

I am thinking: of the week ahead. Chores that I didn't get to on Saturday are calling my name. Namely the pears, the final garden harvest, the basement storage room.

In the kitchen: It's pumpkin this and pumpkin that these days, isn't it? Isaac begged me to make pumpkin muffins on Saturday morning which I was delighted to do. Then later on that afternoon, I made some yummy autumn-ish carrot spice cookies (both vegan style and both yum.) This morning, I knew I'd be taking over part of a dinner to our neighbors, (Mrs. C had surgery) so I made a double batch  pumpkin chocolate chip cake as well as a huge bowl of chopped veggie salad for both our families. Jane, Gary, and Gary's sweet friend Ivana joined us around the table tonight, all of us enjoying Mama's home bottled spaghetti sauce with our pasta.

One of my favorite things: Eliza and I were the only ones home last night after everyone went to the football game. After going to get her a new sketchbook, we made a run for what I think is becoming an addiction to me- sweet potato fries. Can't seem to get enough. Anybody with me on this one?

I am going: to bed in a few.

I am hearing: Sam doing the dinner dishes and his, "Where does the muffin pan go?" And me thinking, "????, after all this time."

Around the house: Keith left to take Jane back to campus, Isaac's gone to bed, and Eliza is sitting here quietly next to me on the couch drawing away. Earlier this afternoon, this loveliness-

I am reading: Just finished (this morning) a novel recommended by my mom called The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman. Holocaust themed love story. Very touching. I'm always drawn to this genre of historical fiction (and I've read more than I can count) even though it's often difficult to read.

I am wearing: lounging around in my comfortable light blue fleece pajama pants and navy cotton pullover. Bare feet. (In need of some socks or slippers!)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Need to get the van inspected and registered tomorrow. Going to lunch on Tuesday with my friend Carine. Wedding reception for the son of Jim A. (running bud) on Friday evening. 


  1. have a good week!!

  2. I bet Eliza enjoys your tete-a-tete now that she has more individual time with you. My family loves those sweet potato fries! You're going to enjoy the new washing machine!