Monday, October 17, 2011


No real inspiration for a post, not really in the mood, until I saw this picture Jane posted on Facebook a little while ago.
 Of the both of us when we were in Wisconsin this summer.

Seeing this made me happy.
Put a smile on my face.
So nice to know that we're friends.
And knowing that she's glad of it, too. 
(How many kids do you know display photos, unabashedly, of themselves and their parents to their social circles?)
Parent relationship still the same, as ever, but heading toward a different place.
A deeper level of understanding and friendship.
Enjoying each other and having fun. 
Finding that it's something I'm needing and seeking and appreciating more and more as these kids of mine grow older.

Saturday night was spent together.
Just she and I.
Bought her some tights and a new cold weather dress at Target.
We ate curry and a huge honking bowl of sweet potato fries at Guru's.
(Where has this place been all my life?)
I listened to her.
She listened to me.
 We watched Forrest Gump on the bed, later. 
I stroked her hair.

In the creation of every friendship, for the sustainability of that friendship, there has to be a need met on both sides.
I'm glad she needs me.
And I'm glad I need her.


  1. ah, this is great. something about daughters.

  2. Beautiful!

    Oh, and thank you for adding the "anonymous" option for posters.