Saturday, October 22, 2011

last day of the farmer's market

Eliza and I have had some fun adventures this fall while everyone else is off at the football games.

Today was a perfectly beautiful autumn day and we decided to head up to the big city downtown farmer's market. It's kind of become a tradition with the both of us. This probably is the third year we've gone together.

We both appreciate the quirky art and handcrafted goods. We strolled. We tasted samples. We people watched. (Lots of interesting folks here.) We ate some goodies.  We took it all in. We left with a bag of peaches, a gorgeous head of leaf lettuce, some bell peppers, 3 bars of yummy homemade soap, and two little pottery bowls to house salt and pepper next to my stove.

We decided we weren't done. We headed up to the university museum of art. First time for Eliza to see a broad spectrum of art through the ages. We even got in free.

These types of outings feed my soul.

Hope you're enjoying the day, wherever you are, too.


  1. next time - may I come too? some soul feeding sounds good. pictues are beautiful. what a nice day you had.

  2. wow, what wonderful pictures!!! Fall and farmers markets are so fun!!

  3. Em - I love that picture of you with the soap - there is so much happiness in it!