Friday, October 28, 2011

a little halloween prelude...

The other night I was lying in bed.
Waiting for Isaac to get out of the shower.
To put him to bed.
Lots of laughing going on downstairs.
Grunting and moaning and someone clomping up the stairs.
 Isaac runs to me.
Sam transformed into Yoda monster guy.
(Eliza took these pictures.)
Walking backwards with arms out weird looking.
We laughed and laughed.
Original plan was to lie in Isaac's bed. And wait for him there.
He had second thoughts.

Sam and Eliza got the Halloween dress up box out.
I meandered downstairs. More laughing upstairs.
He models his way down to me:

Yoda Granny
Yoda Pioneer Girl
Yoda Marley (He found my dread lock witch wig from last year.)

I begged for pictures. Said I'd pay him. For the blog, Sam.
I need something good.

He said no way.


  1. oh, bummer! i tease the kids that one day I might get dreads. they are like - no way too!

  2. I had to play Yoda in YW camp. Never fails to amuse! Fun kids - Halloween is magic just because of that and...there is the harvest celebration too but that is burried way down! Sweet Halloween!
    Share some of your readings. I am cozing up with an Alexander McCall Smith novel "The dog who came in from the cold".