Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Noticing: temperatures dropping, clouds moving in tonight.

Getting: Isaac's store bought Jedi costume. Resigned. Cheaper than homemade, plus no pattern found at the fabric store. He's happy enough. And that's what counts.

Preparing: a batch of maple pecan and blueberry granola, hot chocolate mix, caramel dipping sauce for sliced apples.

Creating: an African/Eastern inspired tunic (for me just for fun) constructed from a large piece of beautiful fabric brought back by mom when she came home from Mozambique several years ago.

Listening: U2 and Fleetwood Mac earlier, Eliza's upcoming 8th grade mock trial this afternoon. (She'll hold her own as the prosecuting attorney.) Comic strip comparisons tonight.

Seeing and Laughing: Lucy (our neurotic doggie) flipping out on hearing the phone ring just now.

Eating: breakfast- two pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and a green smoothie, lunch- bowl of spaghetti squash, a slice of homemade bread with almond butter, another cookie. Dinner- inspiration and recipe from here,  (so relieved and happy they were liked by all), roasted lemony potatoes, steamed asparagus, grapes. 

Exercising: nothing; no running since last Wednesday. A side effect of the kid's Fall Break, I think. (Yes, I'm rationalizing.) I need some major motivation. Worried that I'm developing a lazy streak. Tomorrow's a new day, though.

Entertaining: game of Sorry with Isaac for the last two days.

Reading (and revisiting): Anne Morrow Lindburgh's Gift From the Sea.

Loving (and welcoming back): autumn leaf flannel sheets on the bed.


  1. I love that book. And if you could slow down to a rapid walk, I'd love to get out and exercise. I really need to get myself going again.

    I really look forward to your photos. :)

  2. all very good things. isn't it beneficial to review (blog) and see just how good life is really is. have a terrific Wednesday!