Thursday, October 13, 2011

thankful thursday

In the village store someone
says, "I heard the geese go over," and
there is a moment of silence.
Why this is so moving,
I do not know.
But all of us feel it.

~Gladys Taber

~in the last week or so, we've seen (and heard) several formations of geese heading south. This gives me a thrill every time.

~as I began my run yesterday morning, I was awed to see the moon so luminous and so large, hovering over the western horizon. As I headed towards that direction, I watched, enthralled, as that big ball of light slowly faded away.

~That was a beautiful sight, as well as the hazy mist of woodsmoke floating about our neighborhood.

~the heady, mellow "our house smells like fall according to Eliza as she walked in the door after school" perfume filling the house as the pot of pear sauce simmers on the stove and the dehydrator runs all day and night.

~for Jane being close enough that I can go when called and take her to get stitches. Here's what happened: When Jane was pulling out a bowl from the bottom rack of the dishwasher in her dorm last night, a knife that was put in (sharp point facing upward) speared her poor hand as she reached in. So grateful that it was only the two stitches and that tendons weren't involved.

~that Eliza can confidently take over the not really started dinner preps and whip up a mean stir fry dinner.

~for a stack of delicious books to look forward to. (Did you know that a good book can be delicious. Yes, it can be, if it's the right one.) Going back again to re-visit one of my all time favorites- the name's too long to type out; You'll get it when I say Guernsey, yes? I guess I was in the mood for more WWII era after last week's book and this is more of an upbeat approach than most. If you haven't read this delightful novel, do yourself a favor and nab it.

I put the What I Eat book on hold at the library after seeing it was by the authors of the popular Material World: A Global Family Portrait series. These books open your eyes to the details of how the peoples of the world live, and how they all compare to each other. Did you know that I've decided (I think) that if I go back to college, I'm seriously considering majoring in Anthropology. I've always had a passion and interest in world cultures and this would so be up my alley if getting a job and making money were no issue. 

And these last two books are exciting. Both written by a former monk, The Care of the Soul is described as a "guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life." Fact: I'm attracted for some reason to monastic life even though I'm not a Catholic or Buddhist. It may surprise you how much I've read about the daily life of nuns and monks. I guess it's something about the solitude that I find so fascinating. Fact: I love seeing the holy and the beautiful in the ordinary; the daily rituals of life. So naturally, a good book for me.

~the blessing it is to have friends. Bosom friends. (as Anne of Green Gables would say.)

~what would I do without you good people (and so many new readers, it seems) who stop by here and follow this life of mine. I can't thank you enough. It's one thing to write for yourself, but it's another thing when what you write resonates and means something to others.



  1. yikes. sorry about the stitiches.

    The moon yesterday morning. I was so captivated by it as well. Do you read "Are so Happy?" - she talked about Thomas Moore yesterday too. Maybe it was just a quote but she is planning a series on ordinary life.

    College - good for you!! I hope to go back someday too. Not yet. I am still loving ordinary :) Have a good day.

  2. Poor Jane, working with that can't be easy! Nothing so comfy like a good book! Love geese flying lessons! I get o alot of inspirations about the way they keep their flight formations! Yes, I think Anthropology would fit you! It would be exciting and fulfilling!