Sunday, October 30, 2011


(I'm sorry, but this picture cracks me up everytime I look at it.)

:: school librarian substituting (found out I can turn on a good Dracula voice when required).  
:: Bombay House dinner date and long talk in the hospital parking lot. 
 :: Meditation 101 class. I needed this. 
:: flag football tournament results in broken finger for Sammy-Boy. Back to the hospital we go. And basketball season starts in a week. Not a happy camper.
 :: sewing room 
:: groceries
  :: pumpkin carving with the kids. 
 :: Isaac gets embarrassed with Mom dancing around the living room to Deadman's Party and Monster Mash.  
:: church
 :: chocolate (and vegan to boot) cupcakes for a special after dinner treat.
:: taco dinner and hanging out with all the gang.
:: Mane visits and brings treats. She's so good to us.
:: we light up the jack-o-lanterns.


  1. I love that that picture cracks you up. I really do.

  2. oh, wow. what an adventure this weekend for you! little bit of everything for sure :)

    the cupcakes look amazing!!